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Top Mixes 2008!

Written by: 12 December 2008 18 Comments

best mixes of 2008

1 of the joys of my employment is that I have a stereo to myself all day, every day with no cloth eared tit telling me to `turn off the gay shit’. So I get to listen to top gay shit all day long, result!

As the year comes to an end I have found myself with a few minutes spare and an ipod `mixes’ folder with 51 separate mixes in it.  So here is a list of all the ones I went back to again and again this year. This is my list of mixes I like; it doesn’t make them the best ever just the ones that resonated with me the heaviest.  I haven’t heard every mix that came out this year but I have prolly heard more than most people, so there!

I have linked as many as possible, whether those links work or not, I dunno…. That’s not my problem as I already have them and you should be happy I even bothered… the bloody cheek of you lot…. Ya go to all the effort and what thanks do ya get?  I ask you… I don’t know why I bother sometimes….

Anyways, I have a top 3, the rest are just sorta bunched up a bit…. there are no rules expect
I rulz! Oh yeah!

So heres the #1 mix of 2008 according to me!!

Vera Live @ Zunkuft/Zurich 11-01-08

I have mentioned this earlier in the year somewhere on te finger due to its greatness.  And greatness it has in spades!  Clocking in at around 5hrs in length you would think I would tire of it after a bit, but no!  Many a day has been whiled away at work bopping about the deep house stylings of Vera.  It doesn’t rock out, more roll around but at no point does it ever lose your attention.  Hard to beat, actually its unbeaten! That’s why its #1. Indulge this on a sunny day on the deck, add wine and friends and your off to a flier!

Next on my list, local boy done gone away
Randall Munro May Heads Down mix
Alas, I have no link to this, hopefully the man of the hour can show up with a link for us all. This ticks all the house boxes! Soulful without being super serious, bumpy without any shitty Chicago house stylings.  I dunno what to say about it other than its likely my most listened to mix this year, and if ya think about the number of great mixes by great djs below that are available to someone with rudimentary interwebs skills like myself, I think that’s high praise indeed!!

Appleblim April 29 2008 Rinsefm podcast
Wanked on endlessly about on the internet, here is a prime example. But still outstandingly great, the rando-meter is turned up to 11 for the 1st hour and then it just top notch dubstep to close out the 2 hr ride.  You really should have this.

Rather disturbingly, I have become a bit of a RA podcast addict this year, mostly down to the fact that they somehow appear on my itunes each week without me knowing about it…..
These are the the ones that ruled the roost at Casa Del Aquavista
Quiet Village RA podcast
Some super Balearic stuff for your Sunday mornings, including a Led Zep track!
Gerd Janson RA podcast
Never heard of him but he puts on a bloody good show here
Steffi RA podcast
Panorama bar bird does deep moody house like I wanna hear it
Motorcity Drum Ensemble RA Podcast
New and Detroithousey, I love that shit!

Its been a year or so of bleepy house and techno which was always gonna send me back to find some proper music with real instruments on them wasn’t it.

Horsemeat Disco set me up a treat with these 2 mixes, both a sort happy 80’s disco turnout….  Super stuff all-round really, ya just never know what’s gonna pop up next on these mixes, but ya know it will be great!

I also found this Disco Bloodbath mix by Dan Warwick, which is outstanding!!   Again a bit nutty, a lot different and full of surprises right till the end.  Possibly a bit hard done by not hitting the top 3, we’ll call it #4 amongst friends. http://www.zshare.net/audio/1419424060be1559/

The Ibiza Voice Podcast series was solid this year and I was super keen on getting into them as I was destined for the White Isle.  These are the 3 that I really loved.

Cassy Ibiza Voice Podcast
Cassy, like Vera and Steffi, does the deep house thing.  I like the deep house thing!  She plays a touch harder here than other mixes but the high standards are intact, Mick & I got to see Cassy in the garden Bar at Berghain this year, it was a good time!

Serge Santiago – Ibiza Voice Podcast 28-08-2008
I have become a big fan of Serge Santiago, and this podcast will make you a big fanboy as well! Get it now!

Matthias Tanzmann – Ibiza Voice Podcast 04-09-2008
Prolly my favourite bouncy techno/house mix I heard this year, lots of lil surprises and smooth as Bob’s waxed bum.

I have been a big Detroit house fan since ages ago and this year has sent me through 3 mixes of unsurpassed brilliance.  Fill ya boots with
Santiago Salazar, got nothing on a name here, mores the pity
Not the rubbish sept mix doing the rounds with that horrid kiwi bird prattling on about techno on it at present but 1 from earlier on.  Gonna need some help finding this 1.  If ya want it, complain and I will get someone to load it up here

Red Rack Em , Muthafucking D mix http://www.coolinthepool.com/radio
Just great Detroit deep house

Steffi – To the Bone podcast http://tothebone.co.uk/
New and more of the same!  This starts very berlin before ya find yaself happily grooving away to some disco sounds

Right, now we are into the dregs of genius mixes;

Manual Tur 08-06-2008 Mix http://www.megaupload.com/pl/?d=8SLFX2RM
Paul Ninja has been all about this guy all year, me not soo much.  But for some reason this mix has been heard again and again and again….. cos its bloody good!

FAT DOG KENNEL KLUB MIX (PT.1) http://www.kennelklub.co.uk
A chap from England, that’s all ya get.  He does a nice line in soulful quirky mixes that I truly love.  If ya like this theres plenty more!

Placid – Strings and Stuff Mix http://www.mezerik.com/output/Placid/Strings_n_Stuff.mp3
Another English chap, this time indulging my love of 90’s English techno records.  Very nice if you’re me!

Cosmo Vitelli – Get the Curse podcast
This mix caught me by surprise! Its italo house and it freqn rulz!   Can’t get enough of this un, some great music that never gives ya a chance to not love it

Luciano Welcome To The Future, Amsterdam (NL) 02/08/2008
Well, duh!  If ya don’t have this ya don’t like dance music!
So obviously I have made some glaring errors and missed the best mix of all time let alone this year…..

So go on…. Lay it on me
What were yours?


  • McBean said:

    Sweet nectar…

    Have had a shocker of a year for listening to mixes (lost ipod). Made up for it with live shows though. Downloading now to my new toy! Muchas gracias

  • Benny said:

    Some nice picks. That appleblim mix is brilliant, and I grew to love Gerd Janson’s RA mix.

    I spent most of the year stealing a bunch from ninja, websta, mick etc. So don’t have much to add. The Pole RA mix (sorry no link) is definitely my cup of tea though, it deserves mention. Mix of classic old Jamaican dub, and more recent dubstep treats. I will think of more but I need to sleep first.

  • Mick said:

    The Vera is the dogs nuts. Still no tracklist of some of it though? 🙁

    Pretty gutted i missed that Quiet Village RA podcast now that their album is quite high on my list of favourite albums of the year.
    Think my favourite mix of the year was that Schwarz one that has the annoying Spanish geezer talking through it. Schwarzs mix of Bill Withers – Who is he is brill!

    Effort on all these links!

  • The Ninja said:

    Do you have the other henrik one mick? The one with the bill withers + omar/stevie track…..and no talky talky over the top.

    Will have to try and dig it up – its good.

  • Mick said:

    i’d like to hear that!

  • websta said:

    yeah i am pretty amazed at th eeffort i put in to find all those links as well!

    i had a good day on friday listening to a bunch of those mixes

  • Scandal said:

    You’re too kind.

    Here’s a new link to that mix of mine:


    Poussez :: Tell Me How You Do :: Universal Vibes
    Jimpster :: Dangly Panther (Original Mix) :: Freerange
    Babyfunk :: Detroit In Spirit :: City Deep
    Atjazz ft Clyde :: I Forgot You :: Unreleased
    Bernard Dupart :: Kétokolé (Original) :: Unreleased
    Guido Schneider & Andre Galluzzi :: Albertino :: Cadenza
    Rodamaal :: Insomnia (Kemistry Remix) :: Unreleased
    Alix Alvarez :: Ugly :: Innvervisions
    Suges ft Yoliswa :: Like The Sun In The Sky (Jon Cutler & Martino’s Unreleased Alabama Dub) :: Soulstream
    Chiapet :: Westworld (Medieval Funk Mix) :: Yoshitoshi
    Peven Everett :: Feelin Who You Are (Neter S Het-Hera Blu Fix) :: Unreleased

    … think a few of those tunes are releaed now.

  • websta said:

    the first track is outstanding!

  • bob daktari said:

    cheers scandal 🙂

  • The Ninja said:

    Mick – Henrik Schwarz @ Club11 29/04/2008 is the one you should grab.

    Hope the link still works: http://sharebee.com/d2d11e5e

  • websta said:

    oh i totally forgot about the Peven Everett mix!
    i may need to hit you up for a copy of that….

  • The Ninja said:

    oooooh the Solomun Ibiza Voice podcast also deserves mention.

    top mix that.

  • Mick said:

    Ta for the link. Finally have a power supply after a week without!

    fan of this one LWE Podcast 03: Nick Höppner

  • Simon Beeston said:

    Yo Webstar… Good list and funny rantings. Like it.

    Gonna scab a few of those mixes meself.

    Simon Flower’s LWE mix is awesome too.
    Also: Stimming’s RA podcast, and Laurent Garnier’s were great.

    Here’s a new mix from me, first in 3 years!! Long time between drinks innit!!

    It’s done for the Highgrade radio broadcast… thus the speaking. Will be on http://www.we-love-house.fm/ on 9th of Jan, so don’t go posting it around before then pleeese.

    Couple of my tracks in there…

    In other cool news, my tune Floorboards got played peaktime at Watergate on Saturday night… Of course I was downstairs at the time and missed it. FUK!

    Big ups from Dooshland 🙂 SB

  • chrisdisco said:

    guys, with that ‘vera’ set, i think you’ll find it is eli verveine and julietta playing tag, with calabrese on the mic a few times.

    i’ll be posting my favourites of 2008 over at ssgs pretty soon, once i finish working out what they are. so many goodies…

  • The Ninja said:

    hmmm yeah – I think you’ve linked the wrong set there websta

  • dan138zig said:

    maybe it’s the right one, because it’s 5-hour, but websta mistakenly referred to them as vera.

  • mimu said:


    Vera Live @ Zunkuft/Zurich 11-01-08
    awesome mix!
    anyone knows tracklist??

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