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This is not London; it’s in a UFO sent from the planet DULL!

Written by: 29 October 2008 8 Comments


We got to the O2 arena about 11pm after polishing off a Pizza each at Canary Wharf. There was a full on cavity search at the entrance to the Arena!!!! Ok, maybe just bags and pockets, but still unexpected, because this wasn’t even Matter we were entering. The O2 Arena can best be described, to Aucklanders, as a cross between Botany Downs and an Airport terminal and a very weird place for a club! No atmosphere in a massively oversized enclosed space. Once we’d made our way to the other side of the Arena where Matter is, we hit the next queue, or three.

On the inside Matter has a nice layout but is fairly standard for what you would imagine a 2600 person venue to be like. Concrete, good sized dance floor, balcony over looking the main rooms dance floor, yadda, yadda, yadda.

After fretting a bit to not see James Murphy and Pat Mahoney actually on the set list, I was reassured they were in fact playing under the banner ‘Special Disco Version’. Should have read it on Fact before I went, huh?

Yacht, who have just recently signed to DFA, were on when we got in. As you would expect, they were quite good. Didn’t hear Summer Song, but saw the singer dramatically fall over backwards a few times. Not sure what songs they played, none that blew me away.

We needed a bit of a change so decided to go upstairs & check out the other room. From memory it was Gucci Soundsystem on first for us, up there. I was starting to wish that Still Going or Optimo had been put on earlier to get everyone hyped up!!

Planningtorock, a mix between just about any female singer of the past 10 years (think Cat Power crossed with Karen O and Alice Goldfrapp) was opening for Special Disco Version. She wore white overalls and again I was starting to wish someone good was opening….or atleast some fun disco!

Pat Mahoney

Pat Mahoney

2.30am and yay! Finally….cue Donald Byrd & 125th St NYC “Love Has Come Around”. They played a bunch of stuff I wasn’t expecting, like DJ John Julius Knight Find A Friend!!! HA! plus a whole bunch of records I was expecting off their Fabric mix. Was (Not Was) “Tell Me That I’m Dreaming” will always make me happy! We danced our asses off. There were some very micro sounding house tracks played which also surprised me, but worked really well. Wouldn’t have the faintest as to what they were…

By the time 4.20am rolled around (yes, I missed everyone else good due to stupid fucking set times) the other two were ready to hit the hay. I was ready to go too because I was feeling more than drunk, even though that’s all I know I did..still I had fun till i somehow managed to forget my bag from the cloak room, when I picked up my jacket. I left the other two in the cab talking on my cell phone to a friend back in nz and after getting denied entry back in to the club by the c#nt of a doorman I couldn’t find their cab and assumed they had left, so sat down to wait but was escorted away by a bouncer, for what I’m still clueless.. Turns out they hadn’t left and spent the next hour manically looking for me, before running in to me going to get a tube when the doors to the station opened. To be young…


  • wayde websta said:

    sounds mega!
    gutted i missed it……

  • Bob said:

    Stink…. though saying that sometimes the crap times make the best stories

    with some artistic license, add some badgers and a hot girl with low self esteem called tom and you’ve a story that can be told over and over again

  • Ben Jammin said:

    Solid work. I’m still mad jealous despite the scheduling issues you seemed to encounter. Looks like everyone had fun from the pics I’ve seen! Pity about the end of the night – it wasn’t another Sunday adventure club style jager blur was it?

    Been listening to the Murphy Horsemeat Disco quite a bit. Did he play that Daniel Wang ‘Like some dream I can’t stop dreaming’? Pops up in both the Fabric mix and the horsemeat set 🙂

  • Mick said:

    Yes, they played Daniel Wang. I remember bragging about owning it on vinyl…. 🙂 err, Sunday Adventure wasn’t just a Jager blur.

  • Benny said:

    “I remember bragging about owning it on vinyl…”

    Ahh true bmp style there.

  • butlerdm said:

    The sound quality is really poor if you are seating higher up and towards the back, was dissappointed by that. Having said that I got to see my favourite artist live, a truly great experience and lots of fun.

  • teleost said:

    Gavin Russom and Juan Maclean made it worth it for me…Russom especially, class act.
    I liked the toilets.

  • wayde websta said:

    personally i love the picture on this post, quite possibly my fave since the sites inception.

    good work Mick!

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