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The great, the average and the run for the hills

Written by: 28 January 2009 15 Comments

finger frenzy

Things that excite me:

Fantastic summer days
Balmy evenings
Cold beer in the fridge and me belly
Being home alone for a week
The resulting Bob’s week of Meat
Antony &  The Johnsons
Music mixes on the bob pod
Finally filling the bobpod and now culling rubbish
Ian M Banks – a recent reading plunge that has come up trumps
Being set loose to DJ at a friends 40th birthday party
Gigs worth attending – almost too many right now
Good people getting hitched (Cath & Dylan, Damien & Sarah)
Friends starting new jobs
BSG starting again… oh yeah 10 fresh episodes to dull my brain
Rekindling my love for books and the resulting book frenzy
The BMP crew
The chance of another awesome boat trip
Alex coming home from Holidays – my simpsons/fmaily guy buddy is soon home 🙂
Not being able to easily grab/buy vinyl records I want right this second

 Things that depress me:

Climate change and our lack of action
US Politics
The Gaza Crisis
Sore feet
Back to work,its not easy kick starting a new year – which makes no logical sense
Being treated like shit by prospective employers
Working and looking for work
Friends being made redundant
The pathetic attempts to solve the Credit Crisis – needs more co-operation and understanding less self interest and greed
Our new Govt – weak, please up your game
Auckland radio – can it get more Bland? (shit we were once spolit for great choices and still are to a degree but they could be so easily better)
People putting themselves ahead of positive change
My mind, it sometimes/often won’t shut up
People that steal from my mates
Being useless at some things that one knows one should be able to handle (refer to mind)
The future
Fox News – the joke has worn off, please stop now
The NZ media in general
Working and having to work



  • The Ninja said:

    – the return of old friends
    – sorting out shit that needed to be sorted
    – finally getting a win in summer football….it was getting dire
    – endless champagne and far more gewurztraminer than I could possibly drink
    – drinking in the sunshine
    – todd terje – perfect summertime listening (his RA podcast is a good starting point)
    – greg wilson essential mix – brilliant summertime listening. Even getting playtime in the office
    – finally getting to see rhythm & sound this weekend
    – more potential BMP boat trips with romanians

    – tough decisions
    – resorting to shit clubs to continue the party
    – feeling like you are in a fifty cent video while in said clubs
    – the after effects of endless champagne and far too much wine
    – hangovers when its hot and there is no escape
    – robberies
    – lost music
    – lost photos

  • Benny said:

    Which 50 cent video ninja? Could be worse, at least you don’t feel like you’re in the windowlicker vid.

    -New (free!) espresso machine
    -New headphones: everything now sounds awesome
    -HBO’s ‘Generation Kill’
    -Mixes from Greg Wilson, Todd Terje, Aeroplane, and Disco Bloodbath. maximum disco.
    -Speaking (admittedly v basic) Japanese to people and them understanding!
    -Having the option of seeing Marcel Dettmann or Ben Klock and Shed.
    -Rhythm and sound (I’m excited and I’m not even in the country)
    -Long night time walks to distant beer dispensing machines

    -Dropping ipod into unreachable drains. Not recommended. RIP funktipus – 2005-2009.
    -Cold weather
    -Seeing pics of my friends having fun together in London/europe 🙁
    -Record buying/mixing cravings going unsated.
    -Missing NZ summer

  • Mick said:

    Moving to Hackney this weekend. Living North of the river for the first time since i got here, nearly a year ago.
    Extremely cheap travel to Europe through Ryan Air
    Louis Armstrong
    Friends who own places to stay in Europe
    Second hand shopping in London
    Upcoming gigs which include PJ Harvey, Gang Gang Dance, Whitest Boy Alive, Junior Boys, Peter Bjorn and John + possibly Antony
    Slightly warmer weather – Spring around the corner
    Still saving money on haircuts
    More friends arriving in London
    Seeing an unbelievebly hot girl driving a bus in Italy
    The Italian Coast
    The perfect pair of jeans

    Not owning a decent winter jacket
    Missing out, by a few hours, on a pair of vintage dunks that i’d had my eye on for a few weeks.
    Moving away from the Priory Arms – “1 of the top 4500 pubs in the UK”
    Not being able to walk to and from work in a half hour
    The consequential travel involved in cheap flights. Having to get to Stansted for a 6.30am flight=not much fun.
    Deerhunter postponing due to un-publicised health issues. Hoping Bradford Cox is ok.
    Feeling the bloat from eating pizza and pasta 4 days solid

  • Mick said:

    Shit Robots kitchen

    Thinking the Special Disco Version with him playing this Friday was at Scala in London. It’s in Berlin

  • Bob said:

    the thought of artists cooking really puts me off

    I want them starving… as this is when they are at their most creative

  • Mick said:

    says in the thread he’s a cabinet maker by trade. sounds like he did it mostly himself.

  • Bob said:

    jesus was a cabinet maker too (well capenter… same thing) – you think he built his own kitchen?

    hell no!

  • The Ninja said:

    kitchen porn? what are we coming to…..

  • Benny said:

    Which Iain M Banks are you on Bob? My favourites are probably ‘Player of Games’ and ‘Inversions’. The last one he did ‘Matter’ was a good read as well.

    Our friend mr McGeorge is a big fan of Banks too.

  • Bob Daktari said:

    read; Consider Phlebas and Use OF Weapons. Reading Excession…then to tackle the rest. Loving them I is

  • Scandal said:

    Welcome to Crackney, Mick. Whereabouts you at?

  • Mick said:

    Powerscroft Road. We’ll have to meet for a pint. Are you in Hackney or further North? For some reason i thought you were further North?

  • wayde webster said:

    The weather, oppressively so
    My batting, average 37.6
    Black Caps, even our shittest team can beat Straya
    New Job and getting paid weekly! Who does that these days??
    Weddings, Nice 1 Damo and Sarah
    Swims at Parnell Baths at lunchtime

    Too much on early in the year giving me the `stress’
    Not owning a swimming pool

    Not much actually, nice work 09

  • Benny said:

    -Putting donks on stuff
    -Weather finally kicking up a notch – after basically 2 winters in a row, I am appreciative!
    -Hanami parties
    -Radio slave and Tony Lionni’s new one on Ostgut – possibly my favourite record label of the moment.
    -Korean bbq and drinking games
    -Joe’s ‘Rut’ – forthcoming on Hessle Audio – dubstep continuing to sound exciting to me
    -Francois K coming in a few weeks!
    -Holiday coming up
    -Impending ninja visit

    -Knowing there is only a brief window till the weather is unendurably hot.
    -Still missing buying/mixing/playing records
    -Sleeping through your station
    -Not too much else, things generally more hot than not at present.

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