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The End of a Proxy Girlfriend.

Written by: 19 September 2008 8 Comments

The End of a Proxy Girlfriend.

So now its time to say goodbye to all our company….. R.O.S.E. etc etc

Rose, Scooters Proxy Girlfriend, has decided that it sux here and she will raise the IQ of both countries by moving to Australia.  We have been through denial, and now we are at the disbelief faze, soon she will be gone and due to our collective short term memory loss we will not even remember who the hell Rose was.
So I propose we all get bizi putting some of the memories down below for posterior.

I’ll kick it off with this lil gem.

One NYE, whilst somewhat worse for wear, I cornered our Rose, who was in a similar state, and told her I thought her haircut was fuckin shithouse….

She replied whilst shaking her head;

`That’s nice Wayde, your honesty is both endearing and annoying, you dick!’

How I escaped that without a good slapping I shall never know…

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  • KateB said:

    Ah where to start …..

    Rosie posie, I’ll miss your dry wit, fantastic taste in food particularly but not exclusively in the dairy department, your able proxy girlfriend talents and buddyship, your ability to cut to the chase when others are dallying around on the fringes of any subject or decision, your interim management of our wee wine … sorry … BOOK club, the fish smoker, your talents in the kitchen and your late night/early morning company … everything really. Yeah, I think that about sums it up … EVERYTHING.


  • Nomsie said:

    Hmmm… where do I start? Rose and I met when our eyes locked across a crowded room, and I walked over to her and asked her what her name was… this eventuated in fits of laughter when we realised we had both dated the same guy, and she was the ‘infamouns’ rose@cheese (I loved that email address!)

    Mad nights out, a mutual love of all the good things in life with particular emphasis on wine and cheese, and another mutual love of my boyfriends bottom.

    Rosie is a bloody good friend, a right laugh, a giver and a taker of one’s stockings with no regard for the feet. She’ll ditch your stocking feet so best hide all stockings from her.

    I have posted the stocking information on the David Jones and Myer’s Sydney website.

    Mwah x

  • websta said:

    jesus! she sounds nice!!
    Ya talking about Rose yeah?

  • Bob said:

    Rose is a genuinely cool person

    she will be missed this side of the ditch

  • damo said:

    rose’s mantra;

    it’s all about me

    but secretly we all now that was just a have!

  • Nat said:

    To our lovely friend Rose

    Recently I have been on the recieving end of some unsolicited and heartfelt compliments from Miss Rose, so it’s definately time to give her some in return!

    Rose is always quick with a smile and a laugh, and has always helped me to take myself and my perceived dire situations a little less seriously. But when a smile and a laugh aren’t quite enough, she knows exactly how and when to dispense a comforting hug when things are going down the shitter.

    Rose is a smart, sassy, stylish woman. Like others have mentioned, I have found a kindred spririt in Rose with a mutal love of wine and food, and also oddly enough, science 😉

    I will miss your easy going and happy company Rose. You are a loving and generous friend. Please don’t stay away for too long.

    Nat xxx

  • Lelo said:

    you have no idea how pissed i am that you’re leaving me.

  • Babling said:

    I’m only echoing what has already been said above, but Rose your sense of style, humour and cheese will be sorely missed!

    Good luck over the ditch and have a fabulous time. Try not to make us toooooo jealous with all your Oz shopping opportunities when you pop across for visits from time to time xx

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