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[ Written by: | 7 Jan 2019 | No Comment | ]

2018 was fucking dark man. Don’t know if it’s me getting older, the prevailing authoritarian fascist leanings of international politics, or the increasing rate of ecological collapse, but I found it hard to keep a spring in my step this year.
Spending time with my friends and family was good, drinking helps obviously, and of course music, which goes well with these. I couldn’t get hold of nearly as much music as I wanted this year, but I think I’ve increasingly nailed the process of finding …

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[ Written by: | 24 Jan 2016 | 5 Comments | ]

So last year due to the combination of encroaching age, being busy with study and work, and general laziness, chilling out on the couch watching some tv became a prime source of entertainment for me. Luckily this coincided with ‘peak tv’ – the result of streaming services, cable and your traditional US channels all fighting it out for new content. The downside is there is a ridiculous amount of shows, an impossible amount to take in. The second season of True Detective was eminently skippable so that …

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[ Written by: | 19 Jul 2015 | No Comment | ]

I don’t know if its aging or just changing times but currently I spend more time talking with music buddies about TV than about music. Perhaps its a reflection on our changing culture, or mine at least – music of the sort I like (ie not mainstream pop nor popular at all really) doesn’t seem to require the level of conversation and obsession it once did, I can find what I want or might like and that’s about it. I still seek music and share music with friends but its telly …