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[ Written by: | 15 Aug 2008 | 23 Comments | ]
Stink-Finger Debate #01: Detroit, Ewan Pearson and Redshape

Mick: I’m seeing Ewan Pearson this weekend, for free! 🙂
thinking Redshape would be way too banging at Berghain for my taste.
Drake: Man – his shit is the hotness, perfect location for it….
And is less banging than Eqan Person can get! heh
Think Pearson will be too epic for panormaa, it suits more subdued grooves of a berlin nature methinks to be truely hot, tho it’s an ace space for anything.
think berghain room on a kompakt night 😀
Mick: Pearson plays to suit the venue. He’ll mack it.
Websta: your love fer pearson …