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Today I’m indulging… some old classics or faves of mine from days gone by… songs that were on high rotate at home and on my various student radio shows of the day all Electronic Body Music styles as they were known then – todays youth would call it old peoples music and that suits me fine ya lit little cunts.

Rant »

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On 19 April 1992 – Easter Sunday – Spiral Tribe, a self-described “rag-tag sound system group who came together driven by the will to keep the party going”, who had been running free raves with a mobile rig across the UK since 1990, set up in a warehouse in Acton Lane, west London. To a packed house, they partied through the night. In the early hours, police officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Territorial Support Group, a specialist division with duties including crowd control, surrounded the building….

Equal parts Punk attitude and …

bobs song of the week »

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This song reminds me of the more innocent times of my youth…. hot summers driving up and down the country catching waves and going to gigs… experimenting with drugs, staying up late talking shite and wearing woollen hats.
Taken from Rembrandt Pussyhorse┬áthe song appears twice in slightly differing guises; the album kicks off with┬áCreep in the Cellar… and finishes with In The Cellar, subtle differences in title and structure of the song – to this day I’m not sure which I prefer and I like that.
When this came out as far …