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bobs song of the week, Rant »

[ Written by: | 29 Jun 2016 | No Comment | ]

It’s the first proper wet and dank day of winter… a day where taking the bus is both a chore and a pleasure, a chore cause you get wet walking to and fro… a joy cause the heatings on, the driver takes you where you want to go with no fuss or hassle and you can simply sit and reflect on life. in my case this means weeping uncontrollably as I stare at cat gifs on my phone, a tactic that always gets me a seat to myself – aisle sitters …

Coolness, Our Hot Picks »

[ Written by: | 28 Mar 2016 | 2 Comments | ]

Its hard not to instantly fall in love with a song thats main/only lyric is “here comes the drones”… its even harder for me personally given I know the folk in the band and have done for many years.
Sounding like a cross between Bailter Space and HDU Avoid Avoid and not a band to avoid avoid.

mix of the week »

[ Written by: | 7 Sep 2015 | No Comment | ]

I don’t really have a pick of mix of the week this week – I’ve been a bit busy to actually take much notice of whats been playing on my office puter where I do most of my listening – the new mixes I’ve downloaded have mainly gone unplayed – yet the show must go on as I have set myself the task of posting a mix a week.
So instead of a mix I’m going to post a live song from a band I followed religiously for some years a long …

Coolness, Music, my classics »

[ Written by: | 17 Jul 2015 | No Comment | ]

Taken from David Kilgour’s Facebook page, I hope he doesn’t mind, this awesome story is a look into recording a classic kiwi song and one of my all time fave songs from his perspective:
Just so I dont have to repeat this story over and over again heres a quick response re tally ho getting a “lost scroll” nomination via the Silver Scrolls 2015. Of course Robert has his story to tell as well, he wrote the riff and chord changes . Mustve been early 1980. Orientation at Otago Uni has just …