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[ Written by: | 2 Mar 2010 | 5 Comments | ]

After nearly a full season of being amazing I had finally managed to get some people along to behold my magnificence!
Paul Ninja gets an honourable mention for showing up, albeit too late to see me score 58, to see me grab 5-11 earlier in the season, thusly proving my amazing.
Kate, Mel, Micah, Baz, The Wife™, and BMP members Bob, Paul and Mick the Kfc kid, all found themselves enthralled by my obvious exquisite talent this last Saturday passed.
All were there on this auspicious occasion to watch the mighty Kumeu top …

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[ Written by: | 20 Oct 2009 | 13 Comments | ]

First runs of the year scored via a `DLF maximum’
Second scoring shot of the year was another half dozen
Actually getting 2 mixes done, shock horror.
Above said mixes not being utter shite
Summer knocking on the door
BMP numbers are up for summer
Dog’s leg is better
End of our `winter of discontent’

Friends family sorrows
Springs 4 seasons in 1hr
Our `winter of discontent’

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[ Written by: | 15 Apr 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Cricket Season Wrap

The Cricket season has concluded, my second year back.
This season I was able to convince the captain of my ability, not only with the ball but also with the bat. In accordance with this increased role I was able to grab myself a new bat (http://www.stink-finger.com/cricket-the-gentlemans-game/).
This worked out a bit better than I had envisioned!!
After a pretty good go of it all season, with a couple of 40’s and a 63, I was dreading the end of the season which came all to fast. To my horror I was (poorly) …

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[ Written by: | 19 Dec 2008 | 10 Comments | ]
What I want for Xmas

– The Dan Lissvik Lp, mp3 will suffice.
– The Fontan ep.
– Atlantic Conveyor – We Are, again an mp3 would smile me up a treat
– To see the end of this shitty cold, entering its 6th week
– Sky at our house on Waiheke.
– Iain O’Brien to take 10 wickets and score 50 in the second test, he freqn rulz!
– Me to score 100 this weekend and pick up a `Michelle’ at Cornwall
– Super weather for the holiday season!
– More Prins Thomas, Lindstrom and Todd Terje dj mixes
– …

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[ Written by: | 27 Nov 2008 | 6 Comments | ]
Cricket, The Gentlemans Game.

This is my second year back playing cricket after a rather lengthy lay off, 12yrs.
The grade isn’t as high as it used to be but I managed to have as much fun as ever last year, and in doing so won the best bowler award (a truly beautiful award it is to featuring the best in plastic gold and marble) and sneaking in an average of 70 odd.
We had quite possibly the greatest year any team has had at Kumeu Cricket Club, losing 3 games all year and only falling …

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[ Written by: | 6 Nov 2008 | 9 Comments | ]
Great vs Piss Poor

Finishing the half Marathon!!
Cricket season started and I am ruling already!

The new Carl Craig/Moritz Von Oswald classical thingee, the C2 is gonna be my fave tune of the year!!

The Chainsaw song! (Roar – Patrice Baumel)

Santino Marella!
Running a half marathon. 21km is a looooooooong way!
Smashed thumb and shin splints for the start of the cricket season.
Elections, sooo over it all.
Work. Why do I do this to myself??