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[ Written by: | 13 Jun 2016 | No Comment | ]

I’ve already posted about his song… and while there is no need to do so again the release of the video has me in an MTV endured coma… cause Ureal 2 has started.
I got nothing

and for no good measure but because I can there’s this…
In 1994 the Tall Dwarfs (Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate) asked fans to send in rhythm tracks, then used selected results as part of their album ‘Stumpy’.
This short film sees Knox and Bathgate performing various tracks from the album plus many a free-association on the word …

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[ Written by: | 28 Mar 2016 | 2 Comments | ]

Its hard not to instantly fall in love with a song thats main/only lyric is “here comes the drones”… its even harder for me personally given I know the folk in the band and have done for many years.
Sounding like a cross between Bailter Space and HDU Avoid Avoid and not a band to avoid avoid.