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[ Written by: | 23 Dec 2008 | 7 Comments | ]
Kosi comes to matter

Room One
10pm-12am Trus’me
12am-1am dOP (live)
1am-3.30 DJ Koze
3.30am-4.45am Modeselektor feat. Pfadfinderei (Live A/V set)
4.45am-6am Appleblim
6am-7am Shackleton (live)
Room Two
10pm-11pm Jozif
11pm-1am Motor City Drum Ensemble
1am-2am Lawrence (Live)
2am-4am Move D
4am-5am Thomas Melchior
We were a little weary of going back to Matter again. This time though we didn’t have to go through the horrible airport terminal that is the O2 and just walked around the waters edge to Matter.  The line wasn’t huge and within a few fairly painless minutes waiting, we were in.
Just in time for dOP. They were fun. We sat down and …

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[ Written by: | 12 Dec 2008 | 18 Comments | ]
Top Mixes 2008!

1 of the joys of my employment is that I have a stereo to myself all day, every day with no cloth eared tit telling me to `turn off the gay shit’. So I get to listen to top gay shit all day long, result!
As the year comes to an end I have found myself with a few minutes spare and an ipod `mixes’ folder with 51 separate mixes in it.  So here is a list of all the ones I went back to again and again this year. This is …

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[ Written by: | 15 Aug 2008 | 7 Comments | ]
It isn’t house but it is a thing.

There are some things on in Auckland this weekend.
Tomorrow night (friday 15) I venture into the rain to play at the supperclub on Beresford square. I like supper – despite having a dodgy rep (thanks mainly to the antics of late morning up all night mentalist partygoers) it is generally a relaxed place where you can pretty much play whatever music you like. On an early evening in summer there are few better places in Auckland to be. On a night like tomorrow promises to be I …