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Stink-Finger Debate #01: Detroit, Ewan Pearson and Redshape

Written by: 15 August 2008 23 Comments


Mick: I’m seeing Ewan Pearson this weekend, for free! 🙂
thinking Redshape would be way too banging at Berghain for my taste.

Drake: Man – his shit is the hotness, perfect location for it….

And is less banging than Eqan Person can get! heh

Think Pearson will be too epic for panormaa, it suits more subdued grooves of a berlin nature methinks to be truely hot, tho it’s an ace space for anything.

think berghain room on a kompakt night 😀

Mick: Pearson plays to suit the venue. He’ll mack it.

Websta: your love fer pearson weirds me out.

Mick: Either of you seen him play?

Drake: Yeah, he’s ok… if on the cheese side of dance for my tastes. is an ok producer now and then too… tho again, he’s always got that jack lu cont of 2007/08 vibe about him. Talented sure. but I’ve never heard a great mix from him, lots of nice songs, but up against the top djs he’s pretty safe….

How many times you seen him?I’ve heard a couple of dozen sets… none which light up much.
Don’t have to see someone to have an opinion….You seen redshape play at berghain?

The Ninja: *comments banned*

Mick: True. I’m just basing my opinion on what i’ve heard be played at Berghain and what i’ve heard of Redshapes production. Only really loved Ultra.
Totally agree on Pearsons production over the last few years. Too stringy and can see why people would dismiss him. But can honestly say that as a live dj, he’s the man.

Websta: meh, redshape and pearson are both rubbish, but at least pearson don’t wear a spack gladiator mask……

Benny: I still think some people would challenge that choice of words wayde.
Ewan Pearson is awesome for his remix of goldfrapp train if nothing else. More people need to bite ‘i feel love’

Drake: There is no other artist on earth that suits Berghain more…
And Wayde, I really pity you if you for not having taste in quality music. Must truly suck to know that you don’t chose good lasting music and that everything you like turns out to be shite after a while.

Websta: examples? i heard a truckload of redshape stuff didn’t even like the `hit’. mind you i got over detroit in the 90’s….

Drake: Weren’t you the one who got Redsahpe vinyl? You have called moodyman rubbish, even tho you used to like it. You have called countless others rubbish, even though you used to like them….

It’s all very confusing for people. I guess it’s because if people like something well enough to endorse it, it’s not very often they will turn around and call the same thing rubbish a while later. They might grow out of it, but to have so little faith in your own taste is very strange.
One can’t help but wonder when RPR will become ‘rubbish’ for you? (probably in 3 months time when their residency at Fabric gets going properly away from ricardo).
I already know they won’t last, in fact, I think everyone here knows that. They play very safe, now music that is not very musical, and won’t be remembered beyond a few eastern bloc clubbers and a couple of ex-fabric folk. Every berlin DJ can spin like they do, for as long, with the same music. If they were Hans, Henrik and Jens then they wouldn’t even be on anyone’s radar. Doesn’t mean that they are shite. And I won’t say they are shit in 2 years time, but I’ll bet money you will call them shite in 2 years time. But there are plenty of way hotter talents out there (Tanzman, Serafin, Quarion, Reboot, Johnny D) who are pushing the tech-house roll style with a lot more flare, musicality, and longevity.

Considering Redshape outsells most other artists around at present, and gets charted by a fuckload of people, his sound is fairly relevant today I’d say…

Websta: Yes i have 1 12″, simon left it for you at my house… so technically its yoursand yes thats a point well missed Matt.

I do love moodymann rpr etc etc but 99% of artists at some point lose the focus, drive, edge that they initially had. I don’t stop liking the old stuff but i do not blindly keep loving them if they start to release rubbish. Example : I like the rolling stones. When? 60’s or the 2008 version? are those 2 versions of the stones the same?
If Rpr start to release crap records i shall stop caring and move on to whatever it is that gets me excited. I have no favourites and no need to cling to dead heroes.
Why do you?


  • Benny said:

    Do we need a recap or shall we assume everyone is up to speed?

  • Lelo said:

    Benny, this is where your “Previously, on Stink-Finger.com” tv-voice skills come into play and you recap to bring viewers up to date

  • websta said:

    perhaps a recap

  • Mick said:

    I like Ewan because he’s short and he plays good music. Fuck you.

  • Benny said:

    I don’t know if I can be bothered 😛 If the debate does kick off back here I will then be onhand to offer commentary.

  • websta said:

    up ta Matt whether he wants it published really

  • websta said:

    i think both Matt and i agree you irrational love of Pearson is concerning!

    is he hot or something?

  • Benny said:

    He’s great – I think perhaps the problem here is that you and Matt both are suspicious of him as being too ‘indie’.

  • websta said:

    too electro house.

  • Benny said:

    Yeah that too. Electro house isn’t his fault.

  • websta said:

    but someone must wear the shame

    whats was that gash lp he helped produce?
    some pop rubbish??

  • Mick said:

    Actually yea he did help produce the last rapture album which sucked. But you know… i’m going to see him DJ not produce. 🙂 BIG difference

  • The Ninja said:

    redshape @ berghain would be ace.

    gimp mask and all

  • Mick said:

    I’d rather be in Italy. Aye Matt

  • Benny said:

    Doesn’t Pearson live in Berlin? I’m sure he’s aware of what will fit the panorama bar vibe 🙂

  • thedrake said:

    Hmmm – to be honest, I have only maybe, 3 or 4 trax of Redshapes, but since he is a fairly unique artists, it’d be amazing to see…
    Pearson – well, I’d see him, but if I was honest, I’d feel that it could be one of many other djs playing.

    And I think that Pearson’s main skill IS his indie flavor.

    I don’t doubt that Pearson could play TO panorama bar, or ‘adjust’ to suit, but think there are other people more suitable to panorama, and he is more suitable for other places that those people couldn’t fit in… well now…… not sure where all this was going.


  • websta said:

    he couldn’t be any worse than the mole @ panorama bar
    can’t mix, can’t pick a decent record!
    `why Beverly i think he’s hit the double!’

  • websta said:

    do i get points fer naming the wrestlers up top??

    Scott Steiner (head smasher)
    Christian Cage (head smashee)
    Samoa Joe (catching his breath before killing someone)

    at TNA

  • Bob said:

    what I’d like to know is why all my comments go into the spam folder

    you know the serious issues

    ewan’s alright

  • Mick said:

    Re-cap – The End sucks. Packed out with suits and guys with turned up collars. Chuppa Chups and Perfume in the toilet….

    Aeroplane dj was wearing a Ramones tee. Odd. Does anyone REALLY like the Ramones THAT much? Was pretty average set from what i heard.

    The guy from The Bees played Hip Hop. Bad Hip Hop.

    Couldn’t get in to Ben Watt’s set which had it’s moments but ended up leaving (even before Ewan started) around 3am and walking the streets of London listening to Pet Sounds synched in time with my frieds Ipod..

  • thedrake said:

    So… was Ben’s set on the, shall we say, slightly ‘prog’ tip?

  • Mick said:

    A little proggy, little electro-ie but had the odd moment where it worked.

  • Bob Daktari said:

    owning and wearing a ramones T shirt is so passe

    they made/make more $ from T Shirt sales than album sales… says it all

    enjoy the sunshine you northern bastards as soon it is our turn!

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