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Sunday Adventure Club

Just to keep things poppin along here is what I wrote about last Sunday with a few amendments.
We missed Cassy 🙁 Got there in time for last hour of luciano in the sun – lots of ‘his’ set records, freaks come out, god made me funky, the thrill me thing he played at Fabric (which I missed) again. Maybe 1000 people getting into it. Wink played next but about 20 min in massive rain came down and everyone hid under umbrellas apart from mentallists up the front. …

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Quarion in Auckland

Quarion from Drumpoet Community will be gracing Auckland next weekend (Saturday June 28th), playing (the most unlikely of clubs) Khuja Lounge.
I’m pretty excited about this, as drumpoet seems to be somewhat of an unhealthy obsession of mine at the moment (for those interested, checkout Drumpoems Verse 1 which is a collection of some of the drumpoet releases featuring Quarion, Manuel Tur, Soultourist, Kawabata and Sasha Dive to name a few).
I found a recent Quarion set from last month over here which aint too bad at all.
Art Bleek – Modern spaces …

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Is mass murder the nu cool?

The new RA podcast by Laurent Garnier came out the other day and I for one raced home to get it as he has been something of a legend for the last 20yrs or so, being a resident at the Hacienda back in the late 80’s when I was all about Madchester. Also he has a new ep out on Innervisions – Back to my Roots that is quite outstanding.
So with his new mix and a bit a return to form as such I was sat listening to it …

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Listen to this

So I figure its probably about time I post something as well and what better way that by posting a couple of mixes that are making me close my eyes, grin and think life is pretty bloody good.
First up is Manuel Tur, who is also one of my favourite producers so far this year. I can’t seem to get enough of his deep take on house (plus he seems to share my love of stabby keys). I’m not too sure where this set came from, but its damn good proper …

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Universal loses promo CD battle

Music giant Universal Music Group has lost a court battle to stop an eBay trader from reselling promotional CDs he had bought from second hand stores …
Dismissing the American case, US District Court Judge S James Otero said that Mr Augusto was protected by the “first sale” doctrine in copyright law.
This says that once a copyright owner gives away a copy of a CD, DVD or book, the recipient is entitled to sell it on.

Full Article Here

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DiscoNinja’s new years sorted

Book your tickets Paul.

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House music all night long

Germany is great. Over here you can pick your nose and eat it and no one will blink an eyelid. Some guy a few days ago was riding down the road having a dig in his nose with his little finger and when he saw me looking at him he pulled his finger out and sucked it, keeping eye contact as he rode past me down the road.
I lost a whole bunch of Raresh sets off my Ipod (same set in fact but split in 5 and i can’t even …

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On the house front

To silence the Old man’s moaning yesterday, heres a lil something from the other old man of BMP…. I am loving the new deep house vibe coming outta Europe championed by such super dj types as :
Her live at panorama bar mixes have been untouchable, as has her Ibiza voice podcast
I managed to get a 4.5hr mix of hers @ Zukunft 11-01-08, which at no point gets anything other than awe inspiring, you should find this… it will complete you.
Johnny D
To go with his outstanding form in the field of …

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Kreuzberg BMP check in

My name is Benny and at the moment along with my friend Mick I am representing the overseas section of the BMP.
Hopefully in the next few days I will post about our experiences here in Berlin.
I was going to do a big intro post all about myself but it is just us reading at the moment right(?) so maybe there is no point in that yet. Over time my distinct writing style will separate me from the other BMP members anyhow, think PG Wodehouse on crack.. or maybe …

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Music is a universal language

yet the BMP has its own form of dialogue.
Like the voyagers of the starship enterprise we seek new noises that move us physically, emotionally and sometimes intellectually.
We members of the BMP share common interests in the realms of modern music, yet we also have our own areas of expertese and obsession.
If the other fuckers ever post perhaps they will share some of theirs.
Me I am quite taken by anti folk right now – if I could work out how to add a file or get stink finger not to mock me …