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I was reading too much about the earthquake on my bus ride into work this morning and one of those articles was from The Spinoff and its a great read, comparable to the excellent Steve Braunias one also found on The Spinoff – real stories written by people with a flair for words… I take some sort of comfort from their writing… sitting in Auckland safe and sound going about my usual dreary work week routine.
Anyways the reason I’m posting this is because Naomi’s piece dredged up a song I’d not listened to for …

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What do you listen to the day after some other bastard won the 44 million lotto? Music to sooth ya growing depression I guess.. some shiney happy fucking REM? Well hells no, stop the happy music is good for you cart.. this ain’t Westworld where some how a robot can magically come to life defying everything we know about science and logic…  this ain’t some magic land populated by dragons and fairies where good will triumph no matter what the odds nor spider size. This isn’t the USA where to actually …

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breathe deeply and relax completely….
you’re just letting go,….
unwinding, completely relaxing now….
allowing  the quietness of spirit to begin….
to come in….
and it feels good….
and it feels good….
and it feels good….
to unwind….
and let go….
so relaxed and so at ease….
you’re relaxed and at ease and at peace….
with yourself….
the world and everyone in it….
make this real with the unlimited….
power of the mind ….
and relax completely….
you’re just letting go, unwinding,….
completely relaxing now….
allowing  the quietness of spirit to begin to come….
and it feels good….
and it feels good….
and it feels good….
to unwind and let….
so relaxed and so at …

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Songs and albums can be such wonderful memory triggers and in our always on digitally available music world taking a journey down the memory plughole is really easy and often surprising for the twists and turns songs can take you.
I started off on Karizma feat. DJ Spen – 4 The Love (Kaytronik 2011 Remix) thanks to the latest Kenny Dope mix the other day

DJ Spen lead me towards wanting to hear more lush house tunes.. by coincidence Lelo was posting up a storm on the social medias about some gig he …

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There are a bunch of great contenders for my pick of mixes this week, West’s latest plus for example… but I’m elbowing him out in favour of some other locals who’ve just released an EP for Feel My Bicep… which is quite the achievement for a Dunners based duo!
This is a Red Bull mix they did recently – check out their sound cloud page for previews of their tunes and other (non downloadable) mixes.
As we’ve already posted a couple of times this year – NZ house music is having a good …

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I’ve had the shittiest couple of weeks… a normal feeling dose of the flu has dragged on for over ten days and counting now… had to take all of last week off work, I always feel is a waste of sick days using them when sick, this week hasn’t been much better I’ve been desk bound at work with not enough to do and feeling rough – a fucking nightmare.
On the upside Spring nice days have kicked in and we’ve had us some stunning days – a few of which I’ve …

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My fave song this week is culled from last week’s Andrew Weatherall mix… of which the first two tracks have been so over played by me to the point of awesomeness!
Now unfortunately the version of the song here is the untouched original which is part awesome and part shitehouse… way too overblown which loses 100% of what made it so fucking fantastic as touched by Weatherall… or more to the point Richard Sen whose remix of the song is what appears on the mix… and I so want it… so …

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I dig mixes… and its been a good couple of weeks for new ones in my internet world… though it was a no brainer on what to pick this week as my pick of them all… why cause Rob’s a friend and a jolly decent bloke… and pretty ace selector and DJ to boot!
I suggest you read the interview too, cause Rob has a lot to say about a host of things 🙂
From time to time something pleasant lands in our inbox, something out of the ordinary.
They often say that the …

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Was listening to some old mixes today and the idea of some of the places that i enjoyed music the most over my life struck me.
They mostly aren’t the nightclubs and venues for me.
Sitting in Geezer Guy’s lounge being schooled on Dnb, dub and weird stuff. Such a great place to just soak it in listening to one of my fave djs with Stinky Jim and Mark Burgess chipping in. This is where i first heard Super Discount and Rhythm & Sound.
Friday Nights at Inmusic, with the ever changing cast …

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You always know a mix is going to be a blinder when the first track you hear is a instant fave… it also helps if the mix is by Andrew Weatherall cause you know no matter what he plays its going to be at the worst awesome… and this is both awesome in the bad way and awesome in the good – is there a difference… dunno listen and decide for yourself.
From a subscription only label Andrew setup and runs.. is this monster… and after the drop this weeks mix …