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I don’t know whats come over me other than Alan is having a terrible influence over my life these past two days.
It really is quite horrid

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I generally only pick mixes that can be downloaded – for thats how I do my listing… and I haven’t quite made the jump to streaming mixes, I’m old. This has meant I’ve all but given up on the Cadenza podcasts which were my fave source for great mixes… which si a shame as they’ve had a blinding year but I’m swamped for great choices so stuff em!
I’ve made an exception here cause I’ve been hammering this particular one and for a change its one I made the effort to …

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The kiwi Prime Minister resigns… an infant on my bus sings twinkle twinkle little star in mandarin repeatedly for over half and hour (it was awesome)… the work fridge is stuffed with leftover beef and chicken sliders… and here I am stuck for a song I really rate(d) for the week… also a day earlier than my usual post time but I’m bored of being chairman of the board and things are so deathly quiet in my work day I’m trying to kill some time rather than kill myself .
I woke up …

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Adrian Sherwood, producer, founder On-U Sound and keen footie fan… appears on last weeks Solid Steel Radio show and his hour is magic…. Coldcut on the flip for an hour that is decent.
In Hour 2 we welcome Adrian Sherwood, legendary UK dub producer and On-U-Sound founder who has been active in the music business since the 1970’s. He has long been regarded as one of the most innovative and influential artists in UK reggae, dub, industrial, post-punk and beyond, having worked with the likes of Lee “Scratch” Perry, Vivien Goldman, …

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I don’t know if anyone needs this… bro wants it… I never liked St Germaine… I felt given everyone else did I didn’t need to… Rose Rouge was a era worm song I loathed… it was also real big so it was hard to ignore and hide from it… it was on too many compilations I flogged as part of my day job back then…. it made me angry and sad and depressed – it is a really good song but that alone isn’t enough.
I do have a massive fanboy crush on …

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So there was this friend of a friend of mine who owned a camera store (1988 story time)… he was really nice and didn’t drink so would usg=her us around the various drinking spots of the Bay Of Plenty where I lived at the time… The Welcome Bay Tavern (in the middle of nowhere now a built up burn)… the Te Puna Tavern (gone but also area has changed big time) the “local” pap tav (Papaya Tavern), the sill hall in the middle of nowhere bands would play… and idiots …

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When I was at university I had a friend that no matter what the gig nor the band playing he would yell Buzzcocks… sorta a punk version of some fuckwit screaming Freeboard I guess… not that we’d have known about this sort of thing cause the internet didn’t exist, I’m not sure fax machines were even a thing then… Skywyrd wasn’t on our horizon in any manner at all (thank fuck) and and and… it was fucking funny, many a confused popper flying nun band would look in mock horror …

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 Dead On Arrival sees the Throbbing Gristle trying to make the best out of playing themselves into a corner
Me I’m just hungover and sleepy and this is the perfect tonic or threat to my sanity I could find.

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You are not obnoxious like so many other people – you are obnoxious in a completely different and far worse way. Grasp your ears firmly and pull….
Ben Davis Radio Show
1. Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills
2. Jimmy Cliff – Wonderful World, Beautiful People
3. Mori Ra – China Air Liner
4. Rift Valley Brothers – Mucang’ang’o Ugiraga Mukindirio
5. Lambchop – Howe
6. Addison Groove – Hydropump
7. Joan Shelley – Brighter Than the Blues
8. Tim Maia – Rational Culture
9. A Band Called Flash – Sliph (Andrew Zhang Additional Key Solo)
10. Jordan Rakei – Talk to Me
11. A Tribe …

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One of my personal musical heroes passed away this week – its been a year of losing too many musical gods… he wasn’t a musician, pop star or shredder of instruments… he was a humble DJ a spinner of tunes and his way of playing records and his taste defines so much of what makes DJ culture something to cherish…
Mancuso was always the most complex and anomalous of dance music’s early-70s pioneers. He defined the latter-day notion of a DJ not as someone who played records, but as someone who …