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Ninja’s holiday update page!

Written by: 18 May 2009 14 Comments


Here’s a wee page for our ninja to help keep us updated on!

since we have nothing to get excited about here….


  • Mick said:

    effort on the paint job

  • wayde webster said:

    yeh a touch a below average…

    good to see this is working out quite well so far tho eh

  • Bob Daktari said:

    he ignores us… first sign he’s got himself hitched to olga

  • wayde webster said:

    i hope he is sourcing Hot Svetlana’s for the BMP model agency

  • Bob said:

    according to twitter he’s watching Animal House

    leave the country to watch old movies… sheesh NZ’s not that backwards

    model agency you… *grabs party breasts and takes position*

  • Ninja said:

    Holiday is good.

    I drank grape fanta.

  • Benny said:

    Ninja has left Kobe and headed north

    As far as I can tell he is free of the swine flu infestation.

    He logged me out of the ‘finger and I can’t be bothered logging back in..

  • wayde webster said:

    where are ya now?

    make it to London to see the 2020 World cup?

  • Ninja said:

    Eating scorpians in beijing and saying “I’m not a journalist” to soliders

  • wayde webster said:

    welcome one and all to stink-twitter.

    ya wanna elorate on that???

    today its cold and shit at work. It is not cool like Japan or china iits just cold.

  • Benny said:

    Elorate on that shit bro

    I heard ninja has a beard now

  • Ninja said:

    I sent email update a few days back but pretty sure the great china firewall is blocking them. This is my last quick internet in Beijing before I get on the train to mongolia in a few minutes and get lost in the gobi desert for awhile.

    I shaved the beard off the other day, as its 36C and was just too hot for it. It’ll be back by the time I get to siberia though.

    Climbed the great wall yesterday in an eerie mist that later turned into torrential rain. Wandered the forbidden city today and kept getting asked if I wanted to go drink “tea” with young chinese woman.

    May be awhile before the next 15 minute internet stint so that’ll have to do for now.

    Vodka, game on.

  • Ninja said:

    Few minutes left:

    Saw awesome live kung fu show last night as well. Was well good. Also went to a freaky chinese acrobat thing earlier in the week and watched girls bend their spines the wrong way, balance 10 people standing on their head while riding a bike etc.

    I even stooped to going to an english pub to try and see the 20/20 but the bloody english were playing football so had to watch that instead.

    Was staying in a tradition hutong (google it) which was always an interesting walk home in the pitch dark past some the opium dens etc.

    Train is here. Bayartai

  • The Ninja said:

    Leaving Mongolia tonight for Russia. Each of us seem to have 2 bottles of vodka for the 2 night train ride – could be interesting.

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