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My Classics: Jeffrey Lewis

Written by: 22 April 2009 14 Comments


Springtime – Jeffrey Lewis


The first time I heard Jeffrey Lewis at Bob’s house, he was playing `the last time I took acid I went insane’ with some bompty house under it, yes! Bob was mixing!!
I loved the song and months later, both Bob and I are slow movers, I managed to get the cd to take on home for a listen.
It has been a firm favorite since! Actually the lp has likely snuck into a top 5 lps ever list for me.  Its hard to identify my fave song off it but, there is one that has sparked my imagination in a weird sorta way.

It has a few lines of lyrics mostly concerning animal noises and a doozy about `Blue skies in a puddle’.  The thing is such a happy wee ditty that, to me, it encapsulates the whole feeling of spring.
But the reason this song sticks out to me is that every time I here it I have the idea of remaking it with a choir and full orchestra, whilst maintaining its simple charm of course.
Now as you all know the chances of this happening are somewhere between slim and none, the `Lazy’ flows strong in me.
But!! I have a plan, a somewhat morbid plan, but a plan all the same.
If, heaven forbid, I was to be struck down with a terminal illness I would utilize my situation to milk all the soft lefty muso’s to help do this for me and for free!!
Picture this if you will:

Neil Finn, The NZ symphony orchestra, The Jubilation Choir and Jeffrey Lewis all on the Civic Stage at the same time!!! With me coughing and pale off to the side counting my money, that I have promised to charity, but expenses ran rather higher than I had envisioned sooo….
The recording could be packaged, and sold to mor stations, it would likely go straight to #1, breaking records for most sales and length of time in the charts and i would be come a star/hero to all of NZ until I sold the rights off shore and really hit big…

Well anyways, I digress.
Enjoy this happy lil number about Spring now that it’s autumn… timing isn’t one of my strong points either obviously


  • Bob said:

    will get onto uploading the song mister

    I bet I wasn’t mixing… was I drunk?

  • websta said:

    nope, deffo mixing. You actually told me to listen to you mixing

    the shock has yet to wear off

  • Bob said:

    LOL I too am shocked to hear this… useless memory me has… but I have a faint memory of it, wish I coudl remember what track I deemed right for jeff… some texhouse no doubt 🙁

  • Benny said:

    What a poser

    Anyhow post the track, it is springtime for some of us remember.

  • Bob said:

    I’m tasked with uploading said track, might not be til I get home tonight (drunk) cause I am actually having to do work at work today (grrrrrrrr)

    poser me?… and then some

  • The Ninja said:

    Track up

  • Mick said:

    who’s the gayer on his shoulder?

  • websta said:

    his brother i think…


  • The Ninja said:

    I need this & more on the pod.

    Bob you are tasked with sorting this out.

  • websta said:

    The acid lp is super lofi but genius.

    1 of my fave Jeff traits is if the words don’t in the song proper, just sing that line faster.

    obvious really.

  • The Ninja said:

    yeah I just gave the acid one a preview on lastfm – need it.

  • websta said:

    now you need to go find `no lsd tonite’, his song about how everybody missed the point of the `the last time i did acid i went insane’

  • websta said:

    also, listen to the Chelsea hotel oral sex song, tis genius!

  • Bob said:

    I got 4 albums, a peel session, a couple of random tracks plus his collaborations for ya Ninja

    I’d say there is some rubbish in that lot… but there ain’t

    Jeffrey Rocks!

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