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My Classics – Sucking Chest Wound – God, Family, Country

Written by: 1 May 2009 7 Comments


My Classics – Sucking Chest Wound – God, Family, Country

This is more of an lp than a single song, and even then its more of a cassette than an lp, well a copied cassette….  I did eventually buy it tho, from Berlin 15yrs later.  A personal record for me in music hunting!

At my first proper job waaay back in 1994 I was a 20yr old store boy type who obviously dressed a lil alty.  During this time a very neatly dressed sales guy asked if I was a bit of a Bfmer, back then there wasn’t much else and I said I was.  He asked if I had heard of Sucking Chest Wound, strangely I hadn’t.  He informs me they are a Canadian political multi media music act, this is about where he started to lose me.  But he was insistent and he gave me a copy/burn/rip (whatever ya called that) of the cassette he had.  I doubt I ran to the stereo to stick it on immediately as Canadian political multi media music act’s weren’t high on my list of priorities at the time, I was doing the `getting loaded and having a goodtime’ thing.

Eventually it got listened to and I even recognized a song or 2 from it off Bfm, which helped. It was a strange beast to my rather young ears, all cut up samples, strange serious themes done in a vaguely humorous and funky (at times) style.

The album was recorded as a live multimedia show, but I have never seen or heard of the video being available, which is a shame.  It is divided into 3 pieces/themes – God, Family and Country, and is a bit of a Modern life is rubbish sort of angle that was news to my ears in many ways.

Heres a quick example:


The song “Mary Dear”, in which a girl hopelessly attempts to convince her puritanical parents that the other children in her school aren’t a bunch of “godless heathen”. (Mary: “Why can’t I play with the other kids around here? They’re nice.” Daddy: “Nice, you say? Ha! Spawn of the devil, just like their parents. Lazy, corrupt, evil in thought and in deed.”) Backing up the cut-up bits of dialogue was a nicely looped guitar assault “stolen” from the band everybody loves to sample, Slayer.

Every song is different but similar and all of them leave ya thinking, something I had yet to discover. But this isn’t some boring lecture mind you, it is equal parts disco and history lesson.  Bearing in mind that disco was still quite the dirty word, theres is a refrain over a classic disco loop of `KKK (Whatcha Got To Say?)’ that has completely ruined that song for me forever, mind you that is probably a good thing.  Or the history lesson on `who shoot the pope?’, deffo something to have a listen to.

I dunno how I will pick out a tune to put up, or whether I will stick the whole lp up (super out of print) as I have never listened to it in any other way than the whole cassette.  It was never out of my car when I only had a tape player in it and was on at least every couple of months for about 8yrs before the tape died, a sad day that… like losing a friend.

So yeah, Sucking Chest Wound…Not as bad as it sounds



  1. Introduction (1:31)
  2. Satan’n’Hippies’n’Drugs’n’Rock’n’Roll (5:21)
  3. Big Head (4:45)
  4. Who Shot The Pope? (6:54)
  5. Isn’t That A Beauty? (4:20)


  1. Introduction (0:42)
  2. Bad News Baby (4:54)
  3. Mary Dear (5:29)
  4. KKK (Whatcha Got To Say?) (6:06)
  5. That’s Wrong (4:28)


  1. Introduction (0:36)
  2. Interest Of Conflict (5:35)
  3. Bring ‘Em To Their Knees (5:01)
  4. A Sovereign Military Order (4:42)
  5. Tortured And Disturbed (5:55)
  6. The Pope Is A Hustler (Superstar Mix) (7:28)


  • websta said:

    I’ll take recommendatioons on what songs to put up as voted by youse guys, or the whole lp, depending on your interest levels

  • Mc Bean said:

    Both Mary Dear and KKK sound totally radical – what about The Pope is a Hustler?

    Must have been the mentalist section at some crazy kraut record store to unearth such ancient chaos!

  • websta said:

    top effort!

    `bring em to their knee’s’ is a personal fave as well.
    like i said the whole thing rulz!

    I found a website and a youtube channel as well!


  • Kate Billing said:

    Tried to find on YouTube without success …

  • Kate Billing said:

    Doh! Scratch that. Found through the link.


  • Charles Doubt said:

    Funny that I stumbled across this as I was around SCW at their inception way back in the early 80’s and participated in a number of their performances and later played in a live dub band (Dub Enforcement Agency–DEA) with two of the original (and last two standing) of the members. They started out in a more noise/art damage/industrial sort of way and evolved from there. There were 4 or 5 cassette releases prior to God Family Country.

    God Family Country was originally a performance at the Music Gallery in Toronto circa 1990 or so. I was the narrator. The original release was a three cassette package in a surplus cover from a motivational set called God Family Country (it might have been Zig Ziggler–I’d check but I’m close to 1000 miles from my copy at the moment). These pre-printed covers had SCW graphics silk screened directly onto the front and back. There were only as many copies of this version as there were covers (they were either found in the garbage or at a Goodwill shop). There may have been a single cassette and then came the CD.

    Check out the web site at http://www.scw.gts.org/ That’s me on the TV screen. There is a link there to some video stuff on youtube.


  • wayde webster said:

    hey that’s cool!

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