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London has it’s days

Written by: 26 August 2008 17 Comments
Raresh at Eastern Electrics

Raresh at Eastern Electrics

It was a long weekend this weekend. Bank holiday, though I’m not sure what we were celebrating? Notting Hill Carnival maybe? Or just the end of summer……

I spent the majority of the weekend listening to music. It’s been excellent. On Saturday I made my way out, through the thousands of people who had been sucked in to paying 45 quid to see Carl Cox play at the Common near where I’m living, out to Rough Trade to see some Indie Band from Canada called Holy Fuck. Seeing as it was free, it was pretty good. I could only see their heads because the crowd was quite deep and i turned up after they had already started. Their track Choppers was probably the highlight.

On my way home i listened to some Steve Earle that a friend gave me.

On Sunday there were two gigs on, not far from where I’m staying, in Southwark. It’s a nice part of town because no one really lives there. It’s mostly just office blocks built of brick. The two gigs were both in Car Parks, not your run of the mill Multileveled Car Parks.. old defunct, arched entracnce car parks that have huge empty rooms, perfect for gigs. Some of the walls were padded to make the sound full and not too echoey.

I already had a ticket to Eastern Electrics that i’d bought on the net so i figured I’d stop off at the Secretsundaze gig where Carl Craig was meant to be playing and see if i could find out when he was on. If he was on before 5pm that’d mean i could see him and then scoot over to Eastern Electrics 10 minutes walk and catch Raresh. I got in but couldn’t find any set list, so had a beer, walked around a bit and left around 4 to go get to Eastern Electrics. Eastern Electrics was dead. No one really there but a few people milling around out in the “DC10 styled” courtyard. Maybe it was the astroturf that resembled the DC10 courtyard, not sure..

Raresh was there though. Happy looking chap and obviously saw that i was sort of surprised to see his face so he shook my hand. He said he was going to be going through some discogs sellers record bins while he was in London. Find some more early 00’s tech house and even earlier chicago house gems i imagine. I couldn’t help but show him the oodles of illegally downloaded sets of his i had on my ipod. I hope he found it ammusing. He had a listen to one and had me turn my ipod up as loud as it would go.

When he came on the floor was practically empty. By the end it was starting to get pretty chocka. He played one of those sets where you know nothing but it all sounds brilliant. I guess this is what makes Raresh and co so worth while seeing. I’m all for dudes who play records but dudes who search second hand record bins all over europe have to be worth while seeing… in this case it just so happens that he has good taste and can even produce well. win-win

I caught about half an hour of Guillaume’s super duper diva action before it was time i headed back to Secretsundaze. I rang Wayde to brag around this time. Carl Craig wasn’t on and there was still no set list on the wall at SS… Ar well, Cassy was about to start back at Eastern Electrics, and, so, back i went.

By the time i got back, Eastern Electrics was mega packed. Way busier than i remembered it. I jumped between Maurice Fulton who played Liquid Liquid Optimo and some other DFA/style classics, in one room, and Cassy, who i got to see for the first time on an indoor system. The first time i saw her was on the Mainstage at DEMF and the second was in the courtyard of Berghain with Websta. As always she played her record only style set, and kept it very deep. Around 2am i couldn’t handle any more.

On my way home i listened to some Steve Earle.

On Monday I managed to drag myself to the Notting Hill Carnival. There were thousands of people at the carnival. Everyone was blowing whistles. In my state it kind of irritated me so i left listening to Steve Earle.


  • websta said:

    whats with steve earle?

  • Mick said:

    heroin addict from texas who played a part in the wire? makes good music too.

  • The Ninja said:

    that is a mighty fine looking carpark

  • Benny said:

    You should put a ‘steve earle’ tag on the post.

    I’m pretty jealous of all this. Its a pity Raresh doesn’t want to come to NZ though who can blame him.

  • Bob said:

    wot Steve Earl – maybe El Corazon, thats a great album 🙂

    keep on having fun

  • Mick said:

    Yes! and Train a Comin’

  • websta said:

    he is apparently playing down here soon!!

    i still don’t care tho.
    if ya wanna pick a dirty smack head to cheer fer hows about this guy?

  • Benny said:

    GG Allin wasn’t on the wire and therefore not as cool.

  • Bob said:

    no point in cheering the dead, well not until one is in the afterlife, lets focus on those still alive shall we?

    Dave Dobbyn for life

  • websta said:

    whats the wire?

  • Benny said:

    It is an awesome crime/police drama show that was on HBO.

    If you like that sort of thing I can give you the first season dvd.

  • websta said:

    i don’t watch tv shows.

    it gets in the way of my sitting about doing nothing

  • websta said:

    I wasn’t 100% sher but I was right, my Dad’s a big fan of this
    can I recommend this

    classic MOR stuff
    feel the grandad music

    london has changed you man!

  • Mick said:

    YES! i’m in to the same dude as your dad! Invite him to a bmp and he can show off his collection..

    Other artists that i still haven’t had a chance to listen to that my friend gave me – John Prine, James McMurtry and Ron Sexsmith.

  • joe h said:

    What a cool guy Raresh is. He played in leeds on Sunday night too.
    He certainly knows his music & is more interested in finding & playing music from early 90’s which i like a lot. One talented DJ too.

  • websta said:

    anyone for some John Rowles??

    `Cheryl Moana Maree’
    or as we always sing it
    `Share your marijuana with me’

  • Mick said:

    Gutted! Just found out that Antony and the Johnsons are playing here at the end of October and it’s way sold out. Cheapest tickets – 100 quid! You have to be on the ball to sort out tickets here, is true!

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