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Is mass murder the nu cool?

Written by: 20 June 2008 7 Comments

The new RA podcast by Laurent Garnier came out the other day and I for one raced home to get it as he has been something of a legend for the last 20yrs or so, being a resident at the Hacienda back in the late 80’s when I was all about Madchester. Also he has a new ep out on Innervisions – Back to my Roots that is quite outstanding.

So with his new mix and a bit a return to form as such I was sat listening to it with a keen ear and ants in me pants. Thoroughly enjoyable mix of house and techno classics and future classics put together in an entertaining fashion…

However, on my second listen I noticed one tune in particular and turned it up a bit to get to hear the spoken word vocal mumbling away. What I had at first thought was confirmed. It was a sample of a Jim Jones speech. I listened more intently before getting a knot in my stomach as I realised exactly what was being played.

Now for those who may not have heard of Jim Jones, he’s the guy who fed 900 men, women and children the cyanide laced Koolaid in Guyana in 1978. Not to mention the only murder of a US congressman in United States History. (info here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Jones)

Jim Jones

I dunno about you but I don’t really believe this entirely in the spirit of house/techno. Using this sample in a track is in extremely poor taste to my mind/ears and made me wonder if people who are hearing it are aware of its significance?

On chatting this through with the BMP we found a bit more info on the track in question, which was EC50 – Jonestown out on Coincidence Records (Sample below)


The writeup that has been distributed alongside this track seems to completely miss the significance of this speech, which is intensely concerning to me. It reads as follows:

The Kool Aid Vocal Mix of Jonestown is very loopy, very deep, slightly reminding you of the sound by Radio Slave or a bit Mobilee even. And all that deepness only enhanced by a priest sharing his gloomy view on the world of today. An amazing hypnotic piece of music that has done fantastic on the dancefloor everywhere we tried it.

Priest? World of today?? WTF!

No that’s not what he is talking about and its not some dark moody speech from a film or studio…. It had a direct effect on the lives of over 900 people! Their deaths to be exact! I suggest that the people playing this track have not fully grasped the intensity and effect that this speech had or the pain and horror that accompanied it.

It’s not just another cool speech, it’s a speech given at gunpoint to 900 people who were all forced to kill themselves and their children. Mothers knowingly poisoning their young children.
900 people take a long time to die, picture sitting at the end awaiting your turn watching 800 people slowly die in front of you, then having to step over all them so you can murder your own 5yr old child before taking your own life ….
This is barely a `spiritual thing’.

Now maybe I am getting a bit up in arms about something a bit trivial. But I kinda think that there needs to be a bit of thought put into these things. How would people take to listening to one of Hitler’s speeches over a drum track?
“yeah he killed a few people here and there but ya can’t argue he was the centuries greatest speaker eh…..”

So in turn if that’s not ok, why is this?
Does ignorance make it ok?
Is mass murder the nu cool?

The use of this song in the RA mix has kinda wrecked it for me, which is a shame really.


  • The Ninja said:

    I have to say, I was loving the Laurent Garnier podcast till you pointed this out…….

    Now it all just seems a bit wrong and I can’t get past it either.

  • bob said:

    electronic music has always been firmly rooted in the realms of mass murder

    I point you good sir to electro house and the jolstown slaughter of Spy Bar the summer of 2007/8

    or in simpler terms: those who forget the past are condemed to repeat it – religious nuts take note

  • KateB said:

    Love you Waydeeeeeee and couldn’t agree more.
    Completely unconscionable that this has been done.
    Whoever did the write up on the KAVM must have had a frontal lobotomy or smoked a bunch of grass that day to miss it.

    BTW – love the blogsite boys – brilliant.


  • Beesting said:

    You’re over reacting… I was thinking of using the sample myself.
    It’s just a sample, and a pretty spooky sweet one at that.
    It would be kinda like using the black box recording from a doomed airplane, or a speech from Charles Manson. It just gets people going on some weird sadistic electronic subliminal dance kick. The review you quoted is retarded, yes, but the use of the sample is fine by me!
    Evil, sure, effective, you bet squeaky!!

    Great site lads… will I always be a mere outsider? 😉

  • Nat K said:

    Yo Wayde,

    I don’t like the vocal much either, but to take the other side of the argument…

    Every morning here in Berlin I walk past a hippie cafe with a picture of Kim Jong II in the window. Someone has made it into a statement by sketching over his face to make him look like Hitler. Does it irk me? Yes. Does it make me feel good? No. Can I understand why someone went to the effort to put this in my vision repeatedly – of course I can.

    Just because it is included into the mix doesn’t mean that he wanted to glorify it. I am surprised however that it was a release. Imagine the feel-good factor in mastering that record.


  • Casey said:

    I love the track. The dub version is eerie enough without the vocals — the vocals link that creepiness to a specific event. Music and art do not always depict pretty things.

  • Babling said:

    Just thought I should say that the above comment was not made by me despite similarity of monkier….

    I’m with Websta on this – murder as entertainment is bad taste.

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