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The BMP Weekender: Greg Wilson & Luciano – Sydney Harbour

Written by: 12 December 2008 17 Comments

So the NZ contingent of the BMP have just recently returned back from a most successful weekender in Sydney, as we’ve been rabbitting on about for awhile now

Greg Wilson & Luciano on a boat only a 3 hour flight away. We’re there.

Huge amounts of planning went into preparing for the trip, so much so that I realised I hadn’t actually applied for leave from work until 2 days beforehand. That said, I had managed to sort out the somewhat elusive boat tickets for the BMP well in advance, so the important boxes were ticked. Next up was getting websta over to sydney following his recent trip to Europe where he quietly suffered through his long running house curse of managing to somehow miss everyone he wanted to see. Top marks to Nat & Scoot on managing to turn that one around! 

Bob, Scott & myself flew over midday on friday on perhaps the worst ever trans-tasman qantas flight (which is saying a bit). Lack of booze, utterly crap food and perhaps the worst movie ever made. On arrival we attempted to remedy this by heading straight to the pub to down a few pints. Quickly got bored with the irish boozer and headed upstairs to another bar where Bob decided to chat up the bleached blond russian woman sitting by herself who appeared to be looking for a husband…….we were quite shocked when she finally spoke and we realised she was australian. It was about this time we decided to call it a night.

Given the BMPs grave fears and week long night terrors that we would all somehow suffer from the dreaded “house curse of websta” and end up missing the boat/falling off the boat/being eaten by sharks/being attacked by samurai wielding ninjas in slow motion while Josh One – Contemplation (King Britt Remix) played in the background……..it was no surprise we were all awake promptly around 7.30am and down the road for big breakfasts and coffee to start the day.

Miss Rose then came and joined us all at the hotel before heading down to Kings Wharf. Upon picking up our passes for the day, we spotted the sole bar on the wharf that was open at 9am and took up residency under the umbrella in the already sweltering sunshine. While watching the wharf slowly filling up with boat goers, we were all quite surprised at the apparent lack of sydney fluro, but did note the distinct lack of clothing in a large number of instances. High hopes were already forming for an eventful day out.

Team NZ techno then grew in numbers when first ex-pat Mike McBean, then later Kerry & co joined our ranks and it was time to board the boat. We headed out to the bow (I’m all about the boat speak now), where it was empty and we could ease ourselves into it all as the boat headed out into the harbour. This was capped off by the excellent farewell we received from a naked man on top of the cliff who was rather enthusiastic in his waving of body parts. Be glad scott doesn’t have a zoom lens on his camera.

Once we were all comfortable with our new surroundings, it was time to checkout the rest of the setup. We wandered up to the rooftop deck which was limited to a maximum of 200 people at a time by security. As we arrived we noticed them setting up the reel to reel. So this was to be the disco deck where Greg Wilson would be playing later on. Sadly the reel to reel got put away not too long after as it was starting to melt in the heat (it was 36C for gods sake!). I’m not too sure who was warming up at the time, but they were perfect for the occasion – listening to disco on the roof in blazing sunshine in the middle of sydney harbour surrounded by smiling people is a memory that isn’t going to fade anytime soon! I’ll leave bob to expand on this one a bit more…….its a bit hazy for me.

So after catching a bit of Greg and starting to succumb to the sunshine upstairs, it was time to venture inside to the main room. Emerson Todd was warming up with some pretty banging stuff, but those already in the room seemed to be lapping it up. We chilled in the middle deck on the couches, waiting for louie to come on. It was a pretty cool layout, with a circular opening in the floor directly above the DJ so you could pull up a chair, relax and watch the crowd go nuts or watch Luciano dance around in his bare feet.

Once Emerson Todd handed over to Luciano, there wasn’t any mucking round – he launched straight into his driving tribal percussion which really got the party started.  It didn’t take long to realise that Sydney aint Auckland, as when M83 – In Church dropped, the crowd all got to the floor in typical dc10 style, spirit fingers were in full effect and BAM, Kenlou – Banging Beats smashed in and brought everyone to the roof. Good times (the clip really doesn’t do it much justice).


In comes the now infamous trompeta that gets everyone bouncing and singing along which was mixed into a Carl Craig vocal and there is the highlight of the day for me – Good Life…….you may be reading this going “yeah, yeah…heard it a million times”. Me too. But it was one of those moments that sealed it for me, and is still making me grin from ear to ear just thinking about it.

It gets slightly blurry from here for me, but thanks to decoded & the ITM folks, the tracklist looked something like this:

Catz ‘n Dogz – SF
D’Julz – Fleurette
Michel De Hey Vs Grooveyard – Compound
M83 – In Church
Kenlou – Bangin (Bangin’ Beats)
SIS – Trompeta
Inner City – Good Life (Carl Craig Remix)
Nima Gorji – Jungle Boogie
Marco Carola – Bloody Cash
Sebo K – Diva
Seuil – Double Room
Octave One Feat. Anne Saunderson – Blackwater (Alter Ego Vocal Mix)
Robbie Rivera – Feel This (Tribal Sessions Mix)
The Asphalt – 8 Mile Road (Sascha Dive Mix)
Capricorn – 20Hz (Optimo Edit)
Mirco Violi, Federico Grazzini – Strange Folks (Mirco Violi Folk Mix)
Boola – Bass Sta
Catwash – Brazil
Daze Maxim – Jat
Kabale Und Liebe – Childs Play
Ilario Alicante – Chanting Near Africa
Mathias Kaden – Perclue
Mathias Kaden – Moron
Matthias Meyer & Patlac – Skipper
Michel Cleis – La Mezcla
Michel Cleis – La Tortuga
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – Le Tigre
Luciano & Mirko Loko – Mousa Big Band
Liapin – Basilia
Liapin – Black Mamba
Drent – Lost In Africa
Brothers’ Vibe – Unreleased Bonus 2
Danny Fiddo & Affkt – Points
Einzelkind – El Pianucho
Oddvar – Natural
Mirco Violi & Fabio Giannelli – Shakeresque
Martin Woener – On
Stefan Tretau – Killi
Nima Gorji – Green Life

Conclusion: One of those parties I’ll likely keep looking back on with a huge grin on my face. Ace. PROPER ACE.

More from the others later I’m sure.

edit: There’s a download of the luciano set here


  • wayde websta said:

    top report.
    Ya missed out the 3 step watusi on the top deck when the waves picked up, sending both paul and me downstairs a nice shade of green.

    Due to a lack of Benny D’s on this trip the funny story quotient is quite low.

    Also, what kind of bell-end spends the entire set trainspotting?
    that is some seriousl kind of geek boy.

    Was great to be able to get my dance on as it wasn’t over sold like so many are here.

  • The Ninja said:

    Yeah the 180 degree boat turns + swaying while trying to dance quickly put an end to my top floor experience. Wish now that I went back up once it cooled down a bit, really wanted to catch more of Gregs set.

    I was kinda worried beforehand when the stream of people kept coming to get tickets……but it never once felt crowded on board. Space wherever you went and lots of room to dance. Top stuff.

    Also wayde – scoot has a most impressive photo of you……which should never….NEVER…..see the light of day.

  • Bob said:

    I wish we’d taken fishing rods now that I think back on the day

    will have more to add but now am getting ready to booze

  • Mick said:

    Sounds primo!

  • wayde websta said:

    Grande, another hidebeats websta piccie…
    You can see 2 x websters and a Daktari in one the pix above

  • The Ninja said:

    There is actually a semi-decent group shot also……wasn’t sure if I wanted them plastered up though

  • lady k said:

    You have a playlist???? Excellent!!!

    Well, what a MAGIC day, hooking up with the BMP crew in Sydney with Rose & Mike for a session of sheer madness. Absolutely loved it. How fun to go to Sydney and have a crew of friends to bounce around all day!

    Now. Luciano. I mean he is just a legend, his mixing was incredible, he had us all eating it up. And it turns out he’s a really lovely man. Thanks to Angie, the Aussie Angel with a smile that will get her anything, we got to meet him! Then spent the rest of the night with him and his crew checking out the local clubs, Home and Nevermind. Really loved his set at Nevermind where we were the 1st people in the room and he played from 10-2.30ish… quite a different set to the banging set we heard earlier in the day. A lot deeper and moodier…. i guess something to do with the fact that he was enjoying the evenings antics as much as anyone.

    Not going to forget this one in a hurry. Hoorah!


  • McBean said:

    What a day eh. Definately post the group/Websta partyface photos up!

    Trompeta made it for me. As did the rooftop – couldn’t stay in one spot for more than 10 minutes though…

    What happened to the rest of Aoteatechno? Last I saw was your backs as you walked into Tank. I had waltzed in with my ten dollar Tecate (bought from that other bar up the way) tucked into my back pocket frothing down my arse. Instant Dismissal! Even yarning the bounce about how much I wanted to go to Beirut equated to nothing.

    So I ran (literally) into Kerry (ENTOURAGE!) and we hijacked a small tourist train (briefly) before bidding adieu. Fast forward to 5am and I’m being forced to listen to psycedelic trance, drinking absynthe slushies with a runny nose in a secret garden in Petersham :-/

    Should have gone to Nevermind.

    Anyho – I’m uber amped about the next boat party on Jan 24 with Claude Von Stroke and Christian Martin. MinimalBootyJams! Here’s a few of the cats visiting Sydney in the next month:

    Paco Osuna
    Sammy Dee
    A Guy Called Gerald
    Mike Monday
    Simon Baker
    Carl Craig
    Grace Jones
    Mr Scruff
    Giles Peterson
    The Bug
    Benga & Scream
    Mathew Herbert & Big Band
    Buraka Som Sistema
    Basic Channel/Maurizio

    and rumour has it for Pulse number 3 – Mathew Johnson!!!

    Yeeoooow. Party hearty hermanos

  • Benny said:

    Good reviews and trainspotting – but it is poor form to blame my lack of attendance for the lack of funny stories. It sounds like McBean (who really shouldn’t be posting here as it inspires too much jealousy) managed some amusing hijinks.

  • The Ninja said:

    I somehow forgot to mention the faithers Webster & Heidi who were also top company!

    Great shot of webster on websta action in there.

  • websta said:

    Post the pix, well most of them.

  • Giohnn said:


  • Benny said:


  • Vincent said:

    Best track !!!!!
    Drent- Lost in Africa


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  • wayde webster said:


    We are all going again!!

    in your face Auckland!

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