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Written by: 6 November 2008 9 Comments

Finishing the half Marathon!!
Cricket season started and I am ruling already!

The new Carl Craig/Moritz Von Oswald classical thingee, the C2 is gonna be my fave tune of the year!!

The Chainsaw song! (Roar – Patrice Baumel)

Santino Marella!

Running a half marathon. 21km is a looooooooong way!
Smashed thumb and shin splints for the start of the cricket season.
Elections, sooo over it all.
Work. Why do I do this to myself??


  • Mick said:

    Cold Chocolate Milk
    Realising i had credit on Juno from an order that never arrived before i left NZ and ordering some favourite records of the past few months, for my eventual return.
    Running from tin tin
    Priory Arms Pub. Crawling distance…
    Propa Butcher close by
    Having another friend in London!

    Curdled custard
    Smelling shit in a telephone box that has obviously been sitting there a few days.
    Dry reaching

  • Bob Daktari said:


    Mid week boozing
    Spas overlooking the sea
    getting out of dodge
    Sucessful operations


    Mid week hangovers
    The milkman not coming through
    Change of govt
    Mediocrity becoming the norm
    PPfP (where were they on Halloween?)

  • websta said:

    whats a ppfp when its at home?

  • Bob Daktari said:

    the People’s Popular Front for Pumpkins – a radical bunch they are/were

    I know someone who used to email cooking and gardening web sites and threatened them if they didn’t remove all references to pumpkins and the slaughter and eating thereof (good times)

  • websta said:

    of course.

  • Bob said:

    Chilled Beer

    beer in the sun
    wine in the sun
    vodka in the sun
    hanging with good friends in the sun
    the Goon Show
    Torrenting TV Shows
    Kraftwerk this week
    Headless Chickens this week

    Warm Beer

    Bn1 buggering off
    Shitty movies
    being tired when one shouldn’t be

  • websta said:


    Luciano imminent!
    Studio – yearbook 1 & 2 and west coast, haven’t been this into a band in years! Ta Benny D and Mick
    Greg Wilson, has actually pushed his way ahead of Louie in my want to see list
    Deerhunter, weird era cont and cryptograms, top lps

    Air travel, i have grown to loathe it.
    Minor Birds, 2 of the bastards are relentlessly attacking Anni the Cat
    The House Jinx. If this happens again I may kill myself if the rest of bmp don’t get there first.

  • bob daktari said:

    Wicked Good

    BMP Roadtrip to Luciano
    Bauhaus’s Go Away White album
    Barry Saunders at Mana Musics xmas bash
    Drinking in the Sun (northcote tavern ftw)
    Prospects looking brighter….
    Anthony Beavor
    Short shorts on hot girls

    Wicked Not Good

    Mick & Bn1 not coming to Luciano cause they is other places
    MS Windows – I am lossing faith in PCs
    Humidity, blagh, I sweat, its not nice
    Change being a hollow word

  • bob daktari said:

    Rocked my ’08

    BMP Sydney Trip
    the BMP fullstop – a top bunch of blokes
    Friends and family
    Books / Music / Films

    Shocked my ’08

    Certain individuals
    The Global Financial Crisis – read meltdown
    The Election Result (NZ)
    Continued war plaguing our world
    Working, it really is fucking over rated
    The looming environmental meltdown

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