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General 2008 Review

Written by: 24 December 2008 7 Comments

stevieinstamfordOn a slightly different spin on Hot vs Not, here’s my personal 2008 roundup of good vs shit


Four Months of not working over Summer: ’nuff said.

The Stax Records Documentary: without a doubt the highlight of this years Auckland Film Fesitval…I’ve never walked out of a movie theatre with a massive smile, feeling so damn good about everything, and with a strong desire to immediately break into all the local music stores to try and collect all the outstanding music that I had just sampled. Props to the Ninja for finding this on DVD.

The Keith Haring Story – a close 2nd at the Film Festival, telling the story of a legendary artist in New York, in a time when the city was a lot more dangerous, interesting and inspirational.  His work continues to be unlike anyone elses…

Roy Ayers, Stevie Wonder: Propah soul. Crazy vibes, pianos and mumu’s. 

Kraftwerk: Groundbreaking and timeless electronic music that continues to sound as relevant as ever. Held, for once, in a decent venue with a soundsystem that did the music justice. Bowel-moving bass and crisp highs, complimentary visuals and four guys standing behind keyboards and computers – plus actual robots!  The only thing that let this gig down was the power-hungry security who were on your back if you even looked at switching your camera on.

Luciano in Sydney: The second BMP road trip (unfortunately sans 2 BMP members) saw us cruising around the Sydney harbour on a pimped-out boat with Luciano seamlessly weave together stripped down percussion-led grooves with classic techno and festive horn-blasting tracks.  It was great to finally hear KenLou’s “Bangin'” on a big system, 10 years after it was originally released, and it didn’t disappoint.  And if you needed a break from the crazy Chilean’s style, the top deck of the boat was host to Greg Wilson, classic disco-styles and lotsa sunshine.

Das Ist Minimal: One of the few times I truly enjoyed DJ’ing this year… the fact that Mick & Benny had tirelessly spent some time before the gig tweaking the system and warming it up nicely payed off for myself and fellow DJ’s Nabbs and Shane54.  We were all given free range to play what we wanted, and the end-of-night back-to-back session with my fellow BMPers was awesome.

BMP Towers: Minimal in every way. We <3 Beanbags.

The return of Grace Jones. Freakalicious, even after all these years.

Discovering who ya real mates are.



Losing BMP members (and a PGF) to the innevitable overseas lure . Lucky bastards. We miss you.

The continued downward spiral of the NZ club scene. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, we carry on getting the same string of shtty, were-never-any-good-to-begin-with DJ’s, or acts that were relavent at one time, but by the time they reach our shores it’s all a bit too late.

George FM. Forward thinking radio programming…from 5 years ago.

More stupid sub-genre names. What the fuck is “Space Disco”? And I still despise “Tech-House” as well. Do you really need to mount yourself on a ridiculous mid-way fencepost because you can’t decide if you want to House or Techno? Is there some problem with being both? Did I miss a meeting?

Doors with fucked locks.

Still being in NZ.




The Ninja’s viewing choices. Hugh Jackman worshipping a hairy tree was never going to inspire peaceful dreams, you bastard.

2008 in general.


  • Benny said:

    What is that a photo of? It’s a little bit creepy..

    I’m glad you had fun djing at Das Ist Minimal, it was a good time! You make it sound like Mike and I had a clue what we were doing with the soundsystem though, surely not the case..

  • McBean said:

    On the matter of Grace Jones – she’s playing here for free this Saturday. Are you making it over Lelo? Mr Scruff has an hour of warmup duties – which after seeing him on Sunday at Days Like This is just as exciting. Never heard jazz/funk/electro/reggae/dubstep mixed like that. Giles Peterson was equally impressive and diverse. Real party people dj’s unequaled for depth and breadth of selection…

  • Lelo said:

    she’s playing for free?! dammit… i’m gonna have to go look at flights.

    benny – the photo is stevie walking behind a lampshade.

  • websta said:

    the photo is stevie walking behind a lampshade

    hmmm righto….
    ya stalker!

  • Lelo said:

    what’s ya point?!

  • Kate Billing said:

    Happy New Year BMPers!

    Got my RSS feed thingamy set up right now.
    Love the late December updates.
    Hope you are all happy and well no matter where in the world you are.


  • PGF said:

    Hi Ho to the New Year and to the lads.
    A few things to add to Mr Scotts (oh NYC I miss you – Hello Mr Scott) blarg:
    4 months of summer off and still no tan. You is da whitest black man I eva did see.
    Stax – I take full credit for that. My pleasure in making sure you saw it. Yes, it was brilliant! Brilliantly brilliant
    Grace Jones was freakalicious in her strawlady outfit. Mr Scruff was just that – scruff. He was sandwiched between some real popular people though (no idea who was before him) so it was a pretty hard crowd.
    Das 1st Minimal – darn ! I am missing this. Dont really get it but still enjoyed them.
    Losing BMP memeber (and PGF). I love that I make the list – thanks. However, I should be in bold and I really should have my own category!

    Has Bob been allowed to play again recnetly? Has there been any arm waving and shouting?

    Sydney is warm – things are good over here. I havent been out much but have found some old english dude who is on the radio late late and he plays some good stuff. Am sure you will know him as he has been round for centuries. Dave Raven fm is good for my late night drives to or from work. Better than Triple M or George!

    love to you all

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