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Frustration and addiction

Written by: 25 September 2008 7 Comments

These last 6 months have been frustrating as fuck for me! Saving, traveling, being broke, and having my records and turntables all packed away have combined to make it an extremely disjointed year in terms of record purchases.

This would be easier to bear if it wasn’t so easy to monitor all the great and interesting music that is still coming out. Subsequently I am still stashing records into a wishlist in the vain hopes that I can go back at some point in the future and purchase some of these. Mp3s are not the same. Usually things will sit on the wishlist either till I buy them or to the point where I realise perhaps this record is not essential – and will then be kicked off.

Anyhow, here for whatever reason are 5 records that I am currently deeming worthy of attention:

Melchior Productions – “Choir” (Cadenza)

Ok, so I lied a little and actually bought a few records recently – this one was a must have. I am a big fan of Thomas Melchoir dating back to his excellent ‘The Meaning’ LP on Playhouse a few years back, and the equally amazing ‘Feel Sensual’ on Perlon’s superlongevity 3 comp. His best stuff rolls over you at first, slowly revealing hidden details and depths over a number of listens (preferably at volume). Choir on the face of it is a rolling tribal drum beat, interspersed occasionally by, well, a children’s choir. Repeat plays bring up the details of the drum patterns, the weird effects, housey chords, insect noises(?), and vocal snatches stashed away in the depths. It is also really nice and long, and I am currently submersing myself regularly. The A side “who can find me (I can’t)” is yet to grab me, time will tell if it is another slow burner or a rare dud.


Guillaume and the coutu dumonts – “I was on my way to hell” (Circus Company)

This one has just come out and pointed out to me by fellow BMPer and Detroit visitor Mick.. Guillaume is someone who’s stuff I have always checked for since his record a few years ago on mutek’s label drew me in with it’s african influences and bouncy b-sides. He has had a fantastic run of releases in the last year, with a great album, trippy weirdness emerging on a 12″ for Oslo, and the amazing “they only come out at night” and “Les Gans” coming through on musique risquee, surely two of the bigger tracks of the year. Les Gans in particular has been firing away at me all year, I just can’t get sick of it. His new record pushes synths up and out with a gospel sample (he used a lot of gospel style vocal work in Detroit – along with, excellently, the Commodore’s “Brick House”). Meanwhile the b-side sounds like he is working african rhythms along with some rather spooky horns. The artwork looks amazing too which is the case on most circus company records.


Omar S – “Day” (FXHE)
I listened through a whole bunch of Omar S records earlier this year including this one, then forgot all about it. It recently popped up on a mix, and nagged at me incessantly until I did some more detective listening and figured out where I’d heard it before. It is a real simple thing, just some skippy house beats, a funky bass and a looping, filtered vocal sample of the supremes. Somehow though, it is an annoyingly addictive track, very happy and summery (pity I will shortly be leaving the sunshine but never mind). I like this.


TRG and dub u – “Losing Marbles” (Hotflush)
There has been loads of good dubstep this year! One guy who I have recently started to note a lot of is TRG. He is a Romanian producer (heads up websta) who seems to be prolific yet fairly consistent with a stream of dark and slinky garage and techno influenceds dubstep weirdness. I really like ‘Losing Marbles’ – it almost sounds like Monolake!, with a double bouncing techno beat and weird aquatic squelches and clicks rattling the tune along. 2562, another of my favourite dubstep producers, adds a somewhat more broken remix on the other side. I had to grab this one too!


Radioslave – “Eyes Wide Open”

Radioslave does this kind of lengthy, pounding repetitive groove awfully well. For whatever reason I never seem to mention him in the same breath as my favourite producers but he has done a great many things I love over the past few years (the mighty Tantakatan from earlier this year being my last favourite). “Eyes Wide Open” is just some crashing beats, a funky, endlessly repeating bassline and some vocal snippets that repeatedly build and work themselves up into crescendos. It still reminds me a bit of Paperclip People’s “Throw” and this can only be a good thing! The flip “incognito” works a similar groove but with synthier builds and female vocals echoing in the mix.


So there is 5, I could enthuse more, but that can wait till next time. I can’t wait till my situation solidifies and I can start mixing regularly again!


  • wayde websta said:


    I’m off to grab what i don’t got of these now!

    Romanian Dubstep?
    Sound as fuck!

  • wayde websta said:

    oh and i really like that Choir tune by melchior too!

  • Benny said:


    More TRG there
    “missed calls” EP is a nice one too.

  • Mick said:

    Why can’t you set your decks up while you’re home? Enjoy while you can….
    I have about 20 items in my cart and 70 odd in my wishlist… what’s worse is the fact that i live in the same city as Juno and Phonica and so close to Berlin..

    I listened to the Stimming RA podcast again last week and i really dig on the part where The Anger over laps The Beauty.

    I also need your expert trainspotting skills help with about 10 tracks from the Innervisions night. I have some shoddy recordings i videod with my camera.

  • Benny said:

    Expert trainspotting skills?! Me?

    I have one turntable set up, so could be worse 🙂 Jason has my mixer so no mixing for me. Plus it is fairly pointless buying records when I will be leaving again in a month or so (not that that has stopped me..)

    I still can’t get into that Stimming podcast, he’s great and pretty varied as a producer but a whole hour of just his stuff doesn’t work for me.

  • Mick said:

    I didn’t like the idea of Stimming for a whole hour but after getting through the first 15 minutes, i really enjoyed the rest.

  • The Ninja said:

    Some top picks there benny.

    That Omar track had been haunting me for quite awhile!!

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