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Easter weekend of House

Written by: 14 April 2009 7 Comments


It’s times like this when you need the support of the BMP brothers. None of my close group of friends are overly keen on the idea of going out till 6 in the morning and others who could have been keen were either away for easter or not going to A Critical Mass and the Mulletover gig. No reason not to go though.

I got to Secretsundaze around 12.30, not early enough for the workshop, but seeing as i’m no producer, probably no great loss. I checked out the horsemeat disco room before heading down for the end of James Priestley’s set. Nothing overly memorible, though still good.

Dixon played for an hour from 2-3 before the rest of the Innervisions crew joined him on-stage. The crowd seemed kind of sober. It seemed like there were a few music nerds there mainly just to see Henrik play and see how well this live Innervisions thing works. Felt slightly sorry for the girl searching the floor for her bag of whateveritwasshelost and had a quick look myself..

From a silent start there was a massive applause before they went in to a couple of minutes of airy electro screams… then it was straight in to what can be seen below..

Critical Mass Secretsundaze

Dixon closest to the camera with Henrik in the middle and Kristian and Frank on the other end.

As expected they dropped D.P.O.M.P’s ‘ohh’ vocal in a few times through the hour, like how they do on the Grandfather Paradox.
Henrik was fantastic, as expected. Bobbed his head hardcore everytime something major was thrown in.

A Critical Mass Secretsundaze Easter Weekend

Kristian came on after their set but i was knackered and it was 4.30 so figured i best save myself for the long weekend and caught a few night buses home..

Sunday rolled around way too fast and it was time to go see Pedro, Rhadoo and DJ Deep after spending the whole afternoon and evening drinking champagne at a friends easter champagne ‘breakfast’.

The venue was again in Southwark, like the last mulletover i went to when Raresh played.. It was a cool venue, with the sound ranging from good to bad through the night.. I never did find room 2 where Greg Wilson was playing, which kinda pissed me off. One bouncer gave me very vague directions but i had a feeling the curtain in to the “VIP” room he was standing infront of is where Greg was behind..?

I managed to convince a flatmate to come and use the spare ticket i had but she was overly keen to indulge so i left her to it in the mainroom where Pedro and Rhadoo seemed to be going through the motions. Pedro was playing 12-2. What i saw was good but not amazing.. Rhadoo 2-4. Probably not the best time to see them (think after party). I think as a headliner Raresh is the one i’d be keen to see most again. He seems to have the most fun. DJ Deep was incredible. Started with very basic channel sounding drums which kicked off a set full of big drums and deep/thick bass. The room was much cooler than the overly hot and slightly agro/pushy (mostly due the it being so packed) mainroom where PIA:R were playing.. Unfortunately i forgot my camera so didn’t get any footage of DJ Deep but i really wish i had remembered it. There were definitely some Deeply Rooted tracks thrown in, but i was a bit too drunk to remember what exactly.

I caught the last 10 minutes of Rhadoo and it seemed like the room was thinning slightly. It was starting to get the right vibe for one of their sets but again 4.15 rolled around and Rhadoo left the stage and so off i went, collecting a Geddes promo mix on my way out, which i’ll try and listen to some time this week.


  • Benny said:

    Nice work!

    Sounds like you should have pulled a ‘websta’ and tried to blag your way into the VIP by pretending to be a dj suffering from back problems..

    Dj Deep sounds good – I don’t know much about him, will have to have a look for some sets.

  • wayde webster said:

    sounds pretty good!
    i was getting the texts from this whilst sipping coffee in Titirangi

    not nearly as much fun

  • Mick said:

    embedded videos not loading? use the links instead..

    DJ Deep runs Deeply Rooted, which has released some of my most loved Chandler releases, like the Computer Games EP..

    Coffee in titirangi sounds great though. Kebab in titirangi sounds even better. Better kebabs there than in Turkey i reckon

  • The Ninja said:

    clips working fine for me

  • Scandal said:

    Sounds wicked! Wish I wasn’t an old man and thus unable to frequent such events with regularity.

    Glad DJ Deep was on form for ya. When he’s good he’s exceptionally good.

    Night buses are a killer; I caught two back from Dex in Brixton on Friday night.

  • wayde webster said:

    yeah the kebabs are superb there, but there is a freid chicken shop there too so i rarely get the kebabs

    My wife drives my nightbus!

  • Mick said:

    Hey Scandal, let me know if you hear of Chandler playing any side shows when he’s here next month..

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