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[ Written by: | 12 Aug 2016 | No Comment | ]

Homeward Bound from Pip or DJ Philippa as she’s more formally known has been my musical friend this week, its avail for DL currently so get in for some good old fashioned housey doingz – not the band, the sound…


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[ Written by: | 4 Aug 2016 | No Comment | ]

This week I’ve been playing catchup and done some digging around the soundcloud for one of my goto accounts Dekmantel, the Amsterdam based DJs, events company and record label. Caught up with a couple of the podcasts, both of which are ace and by well know to the BMP names… plus will there I came across their Selector Series which I’d never tried before, foolishly… and there’s the one included here by Andy Votel  -again a name known to the BMP… and finally in my vomit of soundcloud downloads is a Tim …

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[ Written by: | 29 Jul 2016 | One Comment | ]

I’ve never really played youtube playlists… I’ll dip in and out of them on occasion but generally they’ve never really featured in my life. For my mix of the week this week I wanted to get right out of the dance dance dance music thing that is my default music setting and figured I’d dig around some country and anti folk mixes… which was a pretty unsatisfying experience until I decided to just try some youtube playlists which brought me to todays pick… the Anti-corporate Country/ Bluegrass/ Folk Punk playlist by Maddy Dineen.
Its different… …

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[ Written by: | 20 Jul 2016 | No Comment | ]

As a young man I spent a year or two living in a flat at 668 Grey Street in the torn, we called the place naturally the neighbour of the beast and got up to all kinds of beastly things-  not as a consequence of our locale but because we were a house of young men who liked to drink, party and generally do things.
One of the residents at the time recently posted a link to some old live recordings of bands our friends were in at the time and as …

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[ Written by: | 7 Jul 2016 | One Comment | ]

I’d quite like to link to one of the many mixes Websta’s been dropping for my mix of the week but they’re not public so can’t and won’t – not that it would matter I guess as everyone who reads my posts gets the links… and 75% of them probably don’t read my posts anyways.
It’s been another cracking week for mixes, Mumdance’s rinse podcast this week is a cracker (Wayde you need this one in ya life), Kenny Dope’s is as usual, um, dope and well for those like myself who let …

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[ Written by: | 28 Jun 2016 | One Comment | ]

It’s now 20 years since Beck released ‘Odelay’.
Then known for his anti folk work, the songwriter charged head-long in a fresh direction – with more than a little help from the Dust Brothers.
The hip-hop production team re-configured Beck’s work, with their labyrinthine array of samples resulting in one of the decade’s most striking albums.
DJs Moneyshot and Cheeba have joined forces to steer a new mix, exploring the influences, samples, edits, and remixes that would craft the ‘Odelay’ universe.
It makes for fascinating listen. Part of the always-reliable Solid Steel mix series, …

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[ Written by: | 22 Jun 2016 | No Comment | ]

Horns used in dance music… I approve of this notion
CAM presents a special performance of Jeremy Deller’s Acid Brass (1997), which will be played live for the first time in the United States. The award-winning Saint Louis Brass Band performed acid house dance hits of the 1980s, combining two very different cultural traditions of industrial Britain on March 14, 2013.
This isn’t a mix per se more of a concert – best enjoyed sitting down or standing up – you choose fuckface, I’m not your mother!

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[ Written by: | 16 Jun 2016 | 2 Comments | ]

I try really hard not to just bung up a RinseFM podcast as my mix find of the week, I really do but they are a consistent upper of dope beats (apologies for using that phrase, I’m not well).
I’d have trouble picking a favourite show/cast from the 6 or 7 I download each week… they’re all entertaining, interesting and musically enlightening… but if you forced my hand by I don’t know asking me nicely at various points in time The Hyperdub show would feature at the top or near too …

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[ Written by: | 3 Jun 2016 | One Comment | ]

For the desk chair wobblers and office bound boppers I give you something to take your mind of the drudgery of KPIs.
Consider this a return to routine for me, yeah!

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[ Written by: | 13 May 2016 | No Comment | ]

A local DJ who continuously tagged people in links to his mixes on Facebook has been found savagely beaten to death.
Robert Daktari, a.k.a. Bob Daktari, was found by a member of the public in a ditch approximately five miles north of his home town Glen Eden, Aotearoa.
According to the Auckland Police, Mr. Daktari had been beaten to death with a blunt object and was found completely naked with a number of names and the words “how do you like it?” etched into his skin.
“It was a really grizzly scene, one of the …