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[ Written by: | 2 Dec 2016 | No Comment | ]

Adrian Sherwood, producer, founder On-U Sound and keen footie fan… appears on last weeks Solid Steel Radio show and his hour is magic…. Coldcut on the flip for an hour that is decent.
In Hour 2 we welcome Adrian Sherwood, legendary UK dub producer and On-U-Sound founder who has been active in the music business since the 1970’s. He has long been regarded as one of the most innovative and influential artists in UK reggae, dub, industrial, post-punk and beyond, having worked with the likes of Lee “Scratch” Perry, Vivien Goldman, …

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[ Written by: | 25 Nov 2016 | No Comment | ]

So there was this friend of a friend of mine who owned a camera store (1988 story time)… he was really nice and didn’t drink so would usg=her us around the various drinking spots of the Bay Of Plenty where I lived at the time… The Welcome Bay Tavern (in the middle of nowhere now a built up burn)… the Te Puna Tavern (gone but also area has changed big time) the “local” pap tav (Papaya Tavern), the sill hall in the middle of nowhere bands would play… and idiots …

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[ Written by: | 17 Nov 2016 | No Comment | ]

You are not obnoxious like so many other people – you are obnoxious in a completely different and far worse way. Grasp your ears firmly and pull….
Ben Davis Radio Show
1. Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills
2. Jimmy Cliff – Wonderful World, Beautiful People
3. Mori Ra – China Air Liner
4. Rift Valley Brothers – Mucang’ang’o Ugiraga Mukindirio
5. Lambchop – Howe
6. Addison Groove – Hydropump
7. Joan Shelley – Brighter Than the Blues
8. Tim Maia – Rational Culture
9. A Band Called Flash – Sliph (Andrew Zhang Additional Key Solo)
10. Jordan Rakei – Talk to Me
11. A Tribe …

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[ Written by: | 10 Nov 2016 | One Comment | ]

What do you listen to the day after some other bastard won the 44 million lotto? Music to sooth ya growing depression I guess.. some shiney happy fucking REM? Well hells no, stop the happy music is good for you cart.. this ain’t Westworld where some how a robot can magically come to life defying everything we know about science and logic…  this ain’t some magic land populated by dragons and fairies where good will triumph no matter what the odds nor spider size. This isn’t the USA where to actually …

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[ Written by: | 4 Nov 2016 | No Comment | ]

There are a bunch of great contenders for my pick of mixes this week, West’s latest plus for example… but I’m elbowing him out in favour of some other locals who’ve just released an EP for Feel My Bicep… which is quite the achievement for a Dunners based duo!
This is a Red Bull mix they did recently – check out their sound cloud page for previews of their tunes and other (non downloadable) mixes.
As we’ve already posted a couple of times this year – NZ house music is having a good …

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[ Written by: | 20 Oct 2016 | No Comment | ]

I dig mixes… and its been a good couple of weeks for new ones in my internet world… though it was a no brainer on what to pick this week as my pick of them all… why cause Rob’s a friend and a jolly decent bloke… and pretty ace selector and DJ to boot!
I suggest you read the interview too, cause Rob has a lot to say about a host of things 🙂
From time to time something pleasant lands in our inbox, something out of the ordinary.
They often say that the …

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[ Written by: | 14 Oct 2016 | No Comment | ]

You always know a mix is going to be a blinder when the first track you hear is a instant fave… it also helps if the mix is by Andrew Weatherall cause you know no matter what he plays its going to be at the worst awesome… and this is both awesome in the bad way and awesome in the good – is there a difference… dunno listen and decide for yourself.
From a subscription only label Andrew setup and runs.. is this monster… and after the drop this weeks mix …

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[ Written by: | 29 Sep 2016 | No Comment | ]

The kickoff track for this weeks Kenny Dope podcast is so me that the mix automatically earns my pick for the week… even if I’ve listened to the youtube clip of the track way more than the mix – which gets a bit hipperty hopperty in the middle which while cool isn’t really my thang.
Now for some serious sunshine… weather gods!


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[ Written by: | 26 Aug 2016 | One Comment | ]

August 2016 Heatwave edition of Frequency Sequence from Lelo is a cracker, naturally.
So get up off your butt and dance to the music you hear…

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[ Written by: | 18 Aug 2016 | No Comment | ]

Last week a random remix popped up on my iTunes which I’d not listened to since I added it eons ago… as can sometimes happen I took time out of my busy schedule (yeah right) and went off in search of the editor looking for some newer gems to add to my library and ears… which lead me to grab some mixes, and this week’s mix of the week features one such beast…a really nice passing time by with pleasant sounds type affair – i.e. perfect for the office or …