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[ Written by: | 22 Jan 2016 | 2 Comments | ]

i found this after xmas.

its my new fave song ever in the world

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[ Written by: | 13 Jan 2016 | No Comment | ]

I’ve been building the playlist of all playlists for work to save me from having to put up with commercial radio 9 hours a day. I have to be pretty lenient in what gets played with a work mate who would sooner listen to Flava than anything else, which rules out podcasts while he’s here.
It’s been incredible some tracks that I’ve rediscovered that just get no airtime anywhere after just a few years. The playlist is sitting at 14 hours which is kind of perfect because nothing gets played twice …

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[ Written by: | 11 Dec 2015 | 2 Comments | ]

This lp, sent my way by Benny, has become one of my all time faves.
Never has music conjured such an extraordinary visual in my mind, its creates a vision of an abandoned Old Victorian/Art deco mall with the ghost of a pianist in it.
this is up there with Stereolab and Suicide for music i put on when i don’t know what to listen to.
Also works pretty great as a `sunday, dead day’ music selection


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[ Written by: | 11 Dec 2015 | One Comment | ]

Did you know there are very few cities in New Zealand, thanks to the Local Government reforms of 1989?
Before the reforms, a borough council with more than 20,000 people could be proclaimed a city. In 1989, the structure of the local governments in New Zealand were reorganized. The new district councils and city councils were nearly always much larger geographically, and they covered both urban land and the surrounding rural land. Many locations that once had had a “city council” are now governed by a “district council”.
The word “city” began to be …

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[ Written by: | 3 Dec 2015 | No Comment | ]

It’s been a week of fantastic mixes dropping…
Top mention goes to Carl Craig, cause he’s the bee’s knees and his Rinse FM slot is so bloody great.

There’s the always worth the effort and solid Ralph Lawson @ The Terrace

This DJ Heidi BBC mix is well worth checking

Well worth a mention and also for those like me that hate the way Fact Mag (et al) present lists (one page ya fuckers) their best free mixes list is worth the scroll through.
I Think I’m going to go with Rushmore’s Ballroom Beats, cause …

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[ Written by: | 1 Dec 2015 | One Comment | ]

Boom bang bang!
It’s not just me being stupid, it’s also the sounds of Rabit’s ‘Communion’ – rattling into contention as one of my favourite records of the year. Coming through on Tri Angle – home to Haxan Cloak, FIS, SD Laika, Holy Other, and other proponents of electronic heaviness, it was always going to be one to check.
It’s a bit hard to describe his sound, so I’d recommend getting a little taste via the vid for ‘artemis’.

Rabit’s work takes some cues from the second wave of grime but …

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[ Written by: | 25 Nov 2015 | One Comment | ]

Dunno about the vocals – I find them a bit (lot)… but Skream’s edit of ‘Free Falling’ is still bloody good.
Second Skream remix/edit I’ve loved in a few short weeks, boom!
Not sure if this is my song of the week yet – so stay tuned

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[ Written by: | 24 Nov 2015 | No Comment | ]

A cracking three hour mix and top read by Ralph Lawson celebrating the Mint with tracks that span an important era for the BMP posse (I am guessing).
I hate the music being too loud when a club is filling up as people have no time to socialise and chat.  The warm up should be just that – a warm up.  It seems a lost art form today.  We’d keep the volume down really low for the first two hours and play slower tempo music with brighter ambient lighting. Then every week …

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[ Written by: | 9 Nov 2015 | No Comment | ]

All night DJ set at one of the world’s best underground clubs by Joris Voorn.
Its just bloody great and downloadable (click through to Soundcloud) too!


Nov 19 update – Part three is now online


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[ Written by: | 5 Nov 2015 | 4 Comments | ]

Jeffrey Lewis finds himself confronted with the harsh reality of life under capitalism, the need to make a living. Even with genius and a fair amount of success and recognition, sometimes a band has to settle for the lesser glory of being a support act for the paycheck, however meager it may be. As in “Don’t Let the Record Label Take You Out to Lunch” Jeff gives us this realistic insider’s view of the life of a professional musician