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[ Written by: | 31 May 2010 | 13 Comments | ]
The rolling BMP good times recommendations playlist

Being seen as someone “into” music, people seem to think this means your taste will reflect theirs which hasn’t developed further than what they listened to in High School.
After getting Nick Cave turned off for Coldplay remixes et. el., this situation needs to be rectified with a sort of organised party themed playlist that won’t get pulled by some narrow minded arse wipe.
As a collective here’s a rolling BMP recommendation fun times music list, which we can hopefully agree will go down well and get everyone headnodding to.
Let’s get this …

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[ Written by: | 21 Apr 2010 | 5 Comments | ]
Zombie Awareness Month this May

Many films important to the evolution of the modern zombie are set in the month of May, from the original Night of the Living Dead, 1968, to the well received Dawn of The Dead remake of 2004. 
Also, because Spring (our Autumn so this doesn’t wash for New Zealand zombie culture) naturally brings with it a sense of renewal and hopefulness, May is the perfect month to emphasize continued vigilance in the face of the coming zombie pandemic.
Supporters of Zombie Awareness Month wear a gray ribbon to signify the undead shadows that …

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[ Written by: | 2 Mar 2010 | 5 Comments | ]

After nearly a full season of being amazing I had finally managed to get some people along to behold my magnificence!
Paul Ninja gets an honourable mention for showing up, albeit too late to see me score 58, to see me grab 5-11 earlier in the season, thusly proving my amazing.
Kate, Mel, Micah, Baz, The Wife™, and BMP members Bob, Paul and Mick the Kfc kid, all found themselves enthralled by my obvious exquisite talent this last Saturday passed.
All were there on this auspicious occasion to watch the mighty Kumeu top …

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[ Written by: | 2 Mar 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
Karma Points!

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[ Written by: | 18 Dec 2009 | 16 Comments | ]
Music for mooching about to over summer, eagle head optional

Here’s a wee bit of summer listening for all a ya’ll.
Nothing too fancy, just a bunch of nice mellow songs to listen to whilst sunning yaself’s over that there xmas bit.
Best enjoyed with fine wine, a beach/pool handy and sun.
They came in peace – Tranquility Bass
Melody – Serge Gainsbourg
4 love – Social Disco Club
strawberry letter 23 – Shuggie Otis
Float On – Floaters
interlude – Lyrics Born
Pacific Breeze – Coyote
Planet Caravan – Black Sabbath (Dj Steef mix)
Soldissimo – Air (EDC mix)
Ferry cross the Mersey – Pat Metheny
Christo Redentor – Donald Byrd
I’m not – Panda Bear
Here comes the sun – Nina Simone
Download …

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[ Written by: | 27 Nov 2009 | 5 Comments | ]
Best Restaurant in the World!!

Ken Yakitori Bar – K’Rd
89 Karangahape Road, Newton, Auckland City
We are in tonite for Leelee‘s `buggering off to London dinner and booze up’.
I fricken love this place!
Deep Fried Chicken Skin!!!!
Fuck yeah!

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[ Written by: | 10 Oct 2009 | 8 Comments | ]
Dalek vs Cheese in a Can: Stink-Finger Podcast #05

This is a mix I did for the biggie.co.nz House Forum Mix-Off.
The guidelines for the creation of the mix were:
Mixes are limited to 45 minutes each like half a T90 tape. If you go over, listeners will encouraged to stop listening at the 45 minute mark to turn the tape over.
Mixes can be made in any way you see fit on any medium.
House is a feeling, so stray where you will genre-wise but beware that by venturing into particularly niche territory you may give the game away.
Released by: house forum
Mix …

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[ Written by: | 8 May 2009 | 6 Comments | ]
Then there were three

The whole idea behind the BMP was for like minded individulas to gather together, listen and share music with one another and then drink and eat pizza – not always in that order, due to wresslin’ we often drank first then eventually found the music of the mat.
So what is it with three of the damn group buggering off oversea’s?
First Mick & BN1 go… BN1 comes back and leaves again.
Now the Disconinja has left us.
As much as the reminants of the NZ Branch of the BM wish him the best …