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[ Written by: | 18 Feb 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
Back In Black – S92A

This week is a crucial week for the Creative Freedom Foundation and New Zealand. With February 28th — and Section 92A — only 11 days away NOW is the time to let the Government know that thousands of New Zealanders are against S92A.
To make sure that happens, CFF have launched week-long Internet Blackout campaign against Guilt Upon Accusation laws in NZ. The blackout movement, taking place from 16-23 February, is rapidly growing with thousands of people in New Zealand modifying their websites, blogs, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and Bebo accounts to …

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[ Written by: | 28 Jan 2009 | 15 Comments | ]
The great, the average and the run for the hills

Things that excite me:
Fantastic summer days
Balmy evenings
Cold beer in the fridge and me belly
Being home alone for a week
The resulting Bob’s week of Meat
Antony &  The Johnsons
Music mixes on the bob pod
Finally filling the bobpod and now culling rubbish
Ian M Banks – a recent reading plunge that has come up trumps
Being set loose to DJ at a friends 40th birthday party
Gigs worth attending – almost too many right now
Good people getting hitched (Cath & Dylan, Damien & Sarah)
Friends starting new jobs
BSG starting again… oh yeah 10 fresh episodes to dull …

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[ Written by: | 28 Nov 2008 | 13 Comments | ]
Tickets… tickets and another bob rant time

You can’t get a good ticket.  Not unless you’re an insider or you’re willing
to pay a ton of dough on the aftermarket.  To what degree is this hurting
the music industry?
There’s a fascinating analysis on ESPN’s site that claims that the luxury
box, high-priced ticket stadiums in the NFL have eviscerated home field
advantage.  The true fans just can’t get close enough to the field to feel
part of the game.  Those who talk about the team, who live for the team, who
tailgate and keep sports talk radio alive have been if not completely …

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[ Written by: | 26 Nov 2008 | 7 Comments | ]
We are the BMPbots

Pacific Entertainment by arrangement with CAA proudly presents . . . Kraftwerk.
The Godfathers and pioneers of electronic music will perform their one and only New Zealand concert since their triumphant headline appearance at 2003’s Big Day Out.
Kraftwerk is one of the most influential bands in music history . . .
“This Is The Greatest Show London Has Ever Seen!” The Times (UK)
“Their back catalogue is raided and it becomes blindingly obvious that some of the really major players of the last 30 years – Bowie, U2, Orbital, New Order, Chemical Brothers …

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[ Written by: | 19 Nov 2008 | 3 Comments | ]
Things to consider for Friday evening

Birthdays, Beats and Barbecue, never a better mix of B’s has there been….
Chris V
Bob Daktari
Jason George
on the bench: Apex
I’m on early, so one can enjoy the sun (fingers crossed) and get yelly at my shockingly bad selections and complete lack of mixing 🙂
Free entry to those who mention seeing this here

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[ Written by: | 12 Nov 2008 | 2 Comments | ]
World economy is ready to rock!

Economists are always looking for the best economic indicators. Some look at the money-supply figures, others at measures of business confidence.
The price of shipping, measured by the Baltic Dry Index, has become a widely followed barometer for global trade. But here’s another we shouldn’t overlook: the film and music charts.
Over the past few weeks, the huge success of musicals such as High School Musical 3 and Mamma Mia!, the resurgence of horror flicks and the return of heavy rock with bands such as AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses are all …

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[ Written by: | 6 Nov 2008 | No Comment | ]
What If We Had Elections In The Music Business?

Maybe we do.
The hoopla surrounding the sales of AC/DC’s “Black Ice” at Wal-Mart has superseded the scary underlying fact. That even including digital downloads, album sales last week were down 25% from the equivalent week in 2007. And 2007 SUCKED!
If the major labels didn’t have the power known as their catalogs, we’d have a different music business today. They’ve been using this asset, along with their publishing companies, to generate leverage and collect revenue, insisting time and again that they’re just about to turn the corner. I’d love a referendum, …

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[ Written by: | 20 Oct 2008 | 2 Comments | ]
Levi Stubbs

DETROIT (AP) — Levi Stubbs, the Four Tops frontman whose dynamic and emotive voice drove such Motown classics as “Reach Out (I’ll Be There)” and “Baby I Need Your Loving,” died Friday. He was 72.
He had been ill recently and died in his sleep at the Detroit house he shared with his wife of 48 years, said Dana Meah, the wife of a grandson. The Wayne County medical examiner’s office also confirmed the death.
With Stubbs in the lead, the Four Tops sold millions of records and performed for more than …

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[ Written by: | 16 Oct 2008 | 9 Comments | ]
Happy Birthday oily Mick The Turk

Warmest loves from Bob ayse


Mike as seen in Neon mag (http://www.neon.de/)

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[ Written by: | 13 Oct 2008 | One Comment | ]
Rocksteady star Ellis dies at 70

Reggae star Alton Ellis, known as “the Godfather of rocksteady”, has died at the age of 70.
The Jamaican-born singer, who moved to Britain in the 1970s, achieved fame with a number of hits, including I’m Still in Love and I’m Just a Guy.
He was a leading pioneer of the more laid-back “rocksteady” sound, which came out of Jamaica in the 1960s.
Ellis was still performing until August this year, when he collapsed after a concert in central London.
His manager and agent Trish De Rosa described him as “my guiding star and …