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Baseline is back baby… or at least for this mix by English dude DJ Q.
This is way more energetic than most of what I listen to… and as such its loads of fun. Perfect fodder for the second week back at work when tired eyes and sadness is the norm.

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Someone I’m curious to see at Laneways on Monday…. go kiwi or something trumplike!
Producer and vocalist K2K makes pop-tinged lo-fi house tracks with a digital culture influence. She’s part of the Inky Waves collective taking over dancefloors around the country. She shone at Red Bull Music Academy Paris in 2015 and with her luminous soundcloud releases and live sets, k2k is at the forefront of electronic music coming out of Aotearoa.

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Being old, lazy and frightened of people I never leave my keyboard and as such its still January and already I have not going to gig regrets… well not really.
Thankfully sometimes some GC steps in and helps alleviate my poor life choices in a small way…

The first couple of hours of an five hour set from Optimo – until the recorder stops.
Recorded live at Whammy Bar, Auckland on 06 Jan 2017.

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Its been a good summer for sci fi and space themed movies for me… Arrival was jaw dropingly great… the latest star wars movie was fun, (I’ve given up on the numbering and naming conventions of the franchise, latest or new will suffice)… Hidden Figures is possibly one of the most heart warming and coolest movies I’ve watched that wasn’t cliched shite for ages… Passengers was decent albeit a creepy as fuck premise… I re-watched 10 Cloverfield Lane and I really like it – even the tacky ending… Spectral was a bit …

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