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bobs song of the week »

[ Written by: | 21 Oct 2016 | No Comment | ]

My fave song this week is culled from last week’s Andrew Weatherall mix… of which the first two tracks have been so over played by me to the point of awesomeness!
Now unfortunately the version of the song here is the untouched original which is part awesome and part shitehouse… way too overblown which loses 100% of what made it so fucking fantastic as touched by Weatherall… or more to the point Richard Sen whose remix of the song is what appears on the mix… and I so want it… so …

Featured, mix of the week »

[ Written by: | 20 Oct 2016 | No Comment | ]

I dig mixes… and its been a good couple of weeks for new ones in my internet world… though it was a no brainer on what to pick this week as my pick of them all… why cause Rob’s a friend and a jolly decent bloke… and pretty ace selector and DJ to boot!
I suggest you read the interview too, cause Rob has a lot to say about a host of things 🙂
From time to time something pleasant lands in our inbox, something out of the ordinary.
They often say that the …

Featured, Headline, Rant »

[ Written by: | 17 Oct 2016 | 5 Comments | ]

Was listening to some old mixes today and the idea of some of the places that i enjoyed music the most over my life struck me.
They mostly aren’t the nightclubs and venues for me.
Sitting in Geezer Guy’s lounge being schooled on Dnb, dub and weird stuff. Such a great place to just soak it in listening to one of my fave djs with Stinky Jim and Mark Burgess chipping in. This is where i first heard Super Discount and Rhythm & Sound.
Friday Nights at Inmusic, with the ever changing cast …

mix of the week »

[ Written by: | 14 Oct 2016 | No Comment | ]

You always know a mix is going to be a blinder when the first track you hear is a instant fave… it also helps if the mix is by Andrew Weatherall cause you know no matter what he plays its going to be at the worst awesome… and this is both awesome in the bad way and awesome in the good – is there a difference… dunno listen and decide for yourself.
From a subscription only label Andrew setup and runs.. is this monster… and after the drop this weeks mix …

bobs song of the week, my classics »

[ Written by: | 14 Oct 2016 | No Comment | ]

Scratched his head, then pulled his ear… viva the hand!

Scratched his head, then pulled his ear
Reached out for a glass of beer
Ricky’s hand [Repeat: x1]
From the pocket it pulled five pound
Ricky bought another round
Ricky’s hand [Repeat: x1]
In the dark it found his zip
Wiped his mouth when he was sick
Ricky’s hand [Repeat: x3]
Six pints later he waved goodbye
Picked his nose and squashed a fly
Ricky’s hand [Repeat: x1]
Slamming the door it grasped the wheel
Now Ricky’s full of man appeal
Ricky’s hand [Repeat: x1]
Ricky contravened the highway code
The hand lies severed at the side …

Rant, TV »

[ Written by: | 7 Oct 2016 | No Comment | ]

When ya routine get interuptted things turn to custard… says I the routine guy. And mine has been somewhat beaten around the head of late due to a few busy (for me) workweeks involving weekends… and as I slowly descend into my NGO end of year period where boredom is my norm I intend to get back on top of my posting here and my collecting of pictures of floors, grass and cats.
So musically what have ya missed that I’ve been hammering – not much I fear… for new season …