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bobs song of the week, Rant »

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It’s the first proper wet and dank day of winter… a day where taking the bus is both a chore and a pleasure, a chore cause you get wet walking to and fro… a joy cause the heatings on, the driver takes you where you want to go with no fuss or hassle and you can simply sit and reflect on life. in my case this means weeping uncontrollably as I stare at cat gifs on my phone, a tactic that always gets me a seat to myself – aisle sitters …

Coolness, mix of the week »

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It’s now 20 years since Beck released ‘Odelay’.
Then known for his anti folk work, the songwriter charged head-long in a fresh direction – with more than a little help from the Dust Brothers.
The hip-hop production team re-configured Beck’s work, with their labyrinthine array of samples resulting in one of the decade’s most striking albums.
DJs Moneyshot and Cheeba have joined forces to steer a new mix, exploring the influences, samples, edits, and remixes that would craft the ‘Odelay’ universe.
It makes for fascinating listen. Part of the always-reliable Solid Steel mix series, …

Headline, Rant »

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The humidity is periodically kicking in, and in between work, study and bleakness I’m managing to fit in some summer drinking. Obviously reggae is first choice forever for this kind of atmosphere but I’m also partial to some more horizontally inclined jazz and funk.
For your consideration here is Italian composer Piero Umiliani with his work on a (presumably shlocky) film called “Il Corpo”. Beautiful “warm” sounding stuff. Umiliani is most known for writing muppet show staple “Mah na mah na”, and if you like the sounds of “Il Corpo” it …

Coolness »

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For the past couple of days I’ve been racking my brain on how I could blog about Max Keys new single cause you know its fucking dope…. or lit if you’re of a certain age. But bugger me if I could think of one witty or sensible path I could take to introduce the Finger audience to his aural masterpiece, so I guess I’ll just have to go mmm mmm
I am so enjoying the Floorpan album – in ya face Max!


Find this album play it, listen to it and hear …

mix of the week »

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Horns used in dance music… I approve of this notion
CAM presents a special performance of Jeremy Deller’s Acid Brass (1997), which will be played live for the first time in the United States. The award-winning Saint Louis Brass Band performed acid house dance hits of the 1980s, combining two very different cultural traditions of industrial Britain on March 14, 2013.
This isn’t a mix per se more of a concert – best enjoyed sitting down or standing up – you choose fuckface, I’m not your mother!

bobs song of the week, Coolness »

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Only people from and above the age of 40 may be able to understand the beauty of this record and for some with Dissociation & Polder blindness / Polderblindheid** – spread love – love is sharing.
 is the solo project of musician, producer and vocalist Alberto Garbelli from Milan, Italy. At the age of 23 he opened up a comic book and saw the word ‘Ghibli’ which is the name of the North African desert wind and also— a Maserati car model. Inspired by Klaus Nomi and Nina Hagen, he began …

Hot Vs Not »

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England – birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles – is a country in the British Isles bordering Scotland and Wales.
As we await the outcome of the English vote as to if they stay or leave the EU… here’s a bunch of pommy inspired songs I like, or loathe or just found on the interwebs.
Gather your friends and try to work out which is which… don’t write in, ok ya big cock – its just for fun.


bobs song of the week »

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Keep On Jacking straight does what it says… with added bounce – not that silly melbourne genre bounce, but bounce as in the track bounces!
Like a ball, yes – like a fucking ball.

mix of the week »

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I try really hard not to just bung up a RinseFM podcast as my mix find of the week, I really do but they are a consistent upper of dope beats (apologies for using that phrase, I’m not well).
I’d have trouble picking a favourite show/cast from the 6 or 7 I download each week… they’re all entertaining, interesting and musically enlightening… but if you forced my hand by I don’t know asking me nicely at various points in time The Hyperdub show would feature at the top or near too …

Coolness »

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I’ve already posted about his song… and while there is no need to do so again the release of the video has me in an MTV endured coma… cause Ureal 2 has started.
I got nothing

and for no good measure but because I can there’s this…
In 1994 the Tall Dwarfs (Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate) asked fans to send in rhythm tracks, then used selected results as part of their album ‘Stumpy’.
This short film sees Knox and Bathgate performing various tracks from the album plus many a free-association on the word …