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You keep coming back for more….
Having spent much of the last couple of years focusing on re-edits and crate digging compilations, Psychemagik return to the realm of original production. Featuring the woozy vocals of Navid Izadi, “Mink & Shoes” sounds like the kind of wonky, heavily electronic house roller that you’d expect to find on Crosstown Rebels or Hot Creations, albeit with a little Freaks style bumpin’ eccentricity mixed in.

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It’s been a week of fantastic mixes dropping…
Top mention goes to Carl Craig, cause he’s the bee’s knees and his Rinse FM slot is so bloody great.

There’s the always worth the effort and solid Ralph Lawson @ The Terrace

This DJ Heidi BBC mix is well worth checking

Well worth a mention and also for those like me that hate the way Fact Mag (et al) present lists (one page ya fuckers) their best free mixes list is worth the scroll through.
I Think I’m going to go with Rushmore’s Ballroom Beats, cause …

bobs song of the week »

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Yesterday I used shazam to identify a song in a mix (Carl Craig on Rinse FM)…
I then bought it on iTunes…
I’m living my life like its 2005!
Publicist is longtime musician/producer/performer Sebastian Thomson. He is mainly known as a founding member of post rock innovators Trans Am, though he now also plays in the progressive metal band Baroness and in the past was a member of Ian Svenonius’ psychedelic punk outfit Weird War.
Publicist, however, is Sebastian’s electronic music project. Because he is a studio musician and engineer trained in drums, guitar, …

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Boom bang bang!
It’s not just me being stupid, it’s also the sounds of Rabit’s ‘Communion’ – rattling into contention as one of my favourite records of the year. Coming through on Tri Angle – home to Haxan Cloak, FIS, SD Laika, Holy Other, and other proponents of electronic heaviness, it was always going to be one to check.
It’s a bit hard to describe his sound, so I’d recommend getting a little taste via the vid for ‘artemis’.

Rabit’s work takes some cues from the second wave of grime but …