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The boys and I have been recently indulging our competitive sides with some spectator sport – now we could like good kiwis watch the rugger… though thats not about to happen as both of them want the All Blacks to lose and as such the Rugby World Cup has been fill of disappointments for them thus far. For the rugger mad… neither of them nor any of their friends give a fuck for the game nor World Cup. Now football or CS:Go on the other hand…
So in our not giving them a …

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So, you go into school one day and your music teacher says that you’re going to be working on a project for the next few weeks which involves learning ‘Roboter’ by Kraftwerk, and making your very own cardboard robot costume which you will wear while performing said cover version.
And then your teacher uploads the video to YouTube


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On 19 April 1992 – Easter Sunday – Spiral Tribe, a self-described “rag-tag sound system group who came together driven by the will to keep the party going”, who had been running free raves with a mobile rig across the UK since 1990, set up in a warehouse in Acton Lane, west London. To a packed house, they partied through the night. In the early hours, police officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Territorial Support Group, a specialist division with duties including crowd control, surrounded the building….

Equal parts Punk attitude and …

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I’m pretty stoked that Palmy North local Rob Thorne kicks off this mix, he’s a really nice bloke and makes really interesting music, he “re-imagines and reconstructs traditional Maori instrumental music for the 21st century”. For me its the entire reason to check out this mix…

You know its going to be a good listen when a mix is headed thus: Welcome to one of the year’s weirdest FACT mixes.
With his early releases on Samurai and Exit, it was once easiest to tie New Zealand’s Fis to drum and bass – albeit drum and bass at …

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The angel of death stands between heaven and earth, holding a poison-dripping sword. Identified with Satan, he is full of eyes, a diligent reaper, an old fugitive and wanderer like Cain, a beggar, a pedlar, an Arab nomad, a skeleton, capering with sinners and misers in a jugglers’ dance.
But the nightmarish angel presents a different face to the one who has died before death, who has attained some measure of the apathea of a saint.
We are told that Azrael, Death, appears to our spirit in a form determined by our …

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slip slop

DJ Slippers decided today it was time to do his first recorded mix, hot off the back of his first gig last weekend over at Mick’s.
Seven tracks packed into twelve minutes…  the mixing style is entirely his work.
I am super proud of the wee bugger!

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haven’t seen one of these for awhile
i am weird for this song, love the video for the original and remember dancing to this at the staircase on a sunday night.


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Aphrohead Felix Da Housecat is back. 22 years since Felix Da Housecat’s techno alias released the manic ‘In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite)’, he returned with his first full-length album in a decade last month, releasing it on Crosstown Rebels.
‘Resurrection’, a fitting title for someone who’s given this alias a prolonged rest, sees the Chicago producer getting cosmic with the title track and totally hammering with ‘Grown Man Cryy’.

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If I had the recordings I’d pick Mick (what was that track again Mick?), West’s and DJ Slippers BMP mixes of last weekend as this weeks mix(es) of the week, cause all three played interesting selections of tunes that made me enjoy my beer all the more… but as I don’t I’m going to pick this mix which I’m only an hour into this and its already so enjoyable…
Other notable mix is the Hypercolour Rinse FM (a regular fave listen on my Monday) mix this week – massive smiles from me for …

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Hunee Live at Trouw – ADE Closing Night [Amsterdam, October 2013]
features, the disco, house, old house, the technos, afrobeats basically all the good stuffs.
knock ya self out!
bit old bit long but worth the 3hrs of ya day.

Live at Trouw – ADE Closing Night [Amsterdam, October 2013] by Hunee on Mixcloud