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Never let thoughts of the future deny you the past…. mix it up baby!
“This 1993 Mix by Armand Van Helden Will Bring You Back to the Glory Days of NYC House
Before he remixed Tori Amos, released seven albums, and toured the festival stages of the world with A-Trak as half of Duck Sauce, Armand Van Helden was a Boston-based club kid trying to make his bones in the Big Apple. He had already achieved nominal club success with several early records, including The Funky Shell Toe EP and “Move It …

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This came up on Radio NZ National the other morning as we were driving around town… it sure brightened the day and has had several plays since which makes it most certainly my most played song this week.
“Bongo Bong” is the first solo single by Manu Chao from his first album, Clandestino. It is a remake of Mano Negra’s song (Mano Negra was his own band), “King of Bongo” (1991), which has its roots in a 1939 recording of “King of the Bongo Bong” by the trumpeter Roy Eldridge. It …

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As mentioned in my previous post I didn’t have the best “musical” week… but we did see some sun and spring like weather here in Auckland which to me means its time to dust off the Greg Wilson mixes, scrub the BBQ, waterblast the decks and get ready for summer.
I don’t know how many mixes of Mr Wilson’s I have, dozens probably and man they get a workout over our warmer months here in GE – cause they are always solid and always smile inducing.
Here’s one of most recent…


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[ Written by: | 19 Sep 2015 | One Comment | ]

From looking after sick boys and household disasters this week wasn’t the best for listening to music for me… in fact I’d go as far as to say I listened to very little of note.
I did however manage to squeeze in one musical adventure, attending the Silver Scrolls which for a non musician like myself is usually nigh on an impossible feat. Fortunately they’d expanded the evening somewhat as they were celebrating 50 years of awards and thus a few friends of APRA like meself were added into the mix. …

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[ Written by: | 16 Sep 2015 | One Comment | ]
Brett Dancer

Brett Dancer – On the Roads
I saw Mr Dancer at Home in London, he was fucking atrocious (Theo Parrish and Larry Heard played too) but he went on to produce so much music i love and release more on his awesome Trackmode label that i care not.
This is a play on the words, Roads/Rhodes hahahaha get it? brillant!
anyway its got dusty beats for days at the start and then it gets into a bumpy bassline and then he just rolls on with the Rhodes organ.  This is my driving song.
soo …

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Skepta is so the musical monkey on my back currently… and I have no problems with that at all
The legendary Skepta mixtape – nothing but certified heat! The definition of a Shutdown!!


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[ Written by: | 10 Sep 2015 | One Comment | ]

I Am Just A Pupil is North Carolina-based Joshua Clark.
His digitized clips of meditational ambience, serene string loops and spoken word samples blur into hyper-beautiful epiphanies and hit a sweet spot between humour and realness.
He builds peaceful zones out of YouTube, tape and record samples about taking technology for granted, hell on earth, addiction, violence, anger, dissociation, absurdity and humour.

I dunno about the legit nature source of this here link… but at worst you can play and download Oasis – it so of reminds me of the beginning of Little Fluffy Cloud by the …

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[ Written by: | 10 Sep 2015 | One Comment | ]
Vera @ Dommune

Once upon a time Vera was a firm favourite amongst the BMP.

To be honest, I hadn’t heard much from her in a long time, but this is very good.

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“According to a report by advisor.net, one of the UK’s legendary DJs, Colin Faver has died.As of now the cause of his death appears to be unconfirmed, but tributes have been pouring in over several social media sites on Saturday night over the death of Colin Faver. The label Rough Trade posted, “Another UK legend sadly passed”, along with several other posts from different labels.
Although he got his start way back during the punk days, Faver was known as one of the UK’s first house and techno style DJs. He began to visit …

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I don’t really have a pick of mix of the week this week – I’ve been a bit busy to actually take much notice of whats been playing on my office puter where I do most of my listening – the new mixes I’ve downloaded have mainly gone unplayed – yet the show must go on as I have set myself the task of posting a mix a week.
So instead of a mix I’m going to post a live song from a band I followed religiously for some years a long …