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I see the light and it shines in your eyes

For those  who have returned to the Oneness of all things

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we ain’t going to the disco!

A younger bob whilst at university shared three common loves with his best mates Phil and Cups;

drinking and going to see bands play
listening to music whilst drinking 
drinking and talking about music

These were our formulative years as young adults. Now the three of us had very similar yet quite varied musical tastes so when it came time to listen to music we often couldn’t agree what to listen to… yet we all agreed on one album, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables by the Dead Kennedys, we all loved it. It was …

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let the music STOP

Silence is Golden – or for at least one day of the year it is 
Author, prankster and founder of the KLF Bill Drummond explains why he won’t be listening to any music at all on 21 November – and why you might want to try it too 
From the Guardian 
All music is shite.’ Discuss. 
Some years ago I walked into HMV Oxford Street. I wandered around rack upon rack of thousands upon thousands of CDs. There must have been every form of music that ever existed there. I wanted something new. Something …

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its a walk in the morning

Arthur Russell… genuis!
Love this song me

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I know nothing about this cept it sounds good… techno for doing not much to

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[ Written by: | 5 Nov 2010 | 4 Comments | ]
A few new things I’m digging

Despite being separated from my record collection, I’m still on the hunt for new additions. For a change I’ve decided to chronicle a few of them here. And, fuck it, a few old things too.

Bubble Club ‘Lonely Acid’ (Brennan Greens remix)
It’s safe to say Brennan Green is a bit of a BMP fave. I’m a sucker for any remotely maurizio influenced stuff.
Cosmin TRG – Liebe Suende
Following on from his initial dubstep leanings Mr TRG is doing some nice house stuff. Been enjoying this one, rough, clonky, deep stuff now out …

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How dare you assume I wanna parlez vous with yoooooooah


Another oldie for this week … just cause I can and hell I dig this track, so there