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[ Written by: | 24 Dec 2009 | 5 Comments | ]
Super Smooth Summertime Soundtracks of Splender

Since everyone down this end of the world is about to kick off into their summer holidays, a couple more links to soundtrack the funtimes ahead.
Websta’s super-smooth podcast from last week takes the edge off nicely, add on to that some grandiose feel good space age disco from Todd Terje and the sublime summer stylings of Greg Wilson as well and you’re set.
Summer soundtracks sorted. Pass me another beer.
P.S. Excuse the over-effusive language, fun in the sun tends to do that to me.

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[ Written by: | 18 Dec 2009 | 16 Comments | ]
Music for mooching about to over summer, eagle head optional

Here’s a wee bit of summer listening for all a ya’ll.
Nothing too fancy, just a bunch of nice mellow songs to listen to whilst sunning yaself’s over that there xmas bit.
Best enjoyed with fine wine, a beach/pool handy and sun.
They came in peace – Tranquility Bass
Melody – Serge Gainsbourg
4 love – Social Disco Club
strawberry letter 23 – Shuggie Otis
Float On – Floaters
interlude – Lyrics Born
Pacific Breeze – Coyote
Planet Caravan – Black Sabbath (Dj Steef mix)
Soldissimo – Air (EDC mix)
Ferry cross the Mersey – Pat Metheny
Christo Redentor – Donald Byrd
I’m not – Panda Bear
Here comes the sun – Nina Simone
Download …

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[ Written by: | 12 Dec 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Mick’s favourite records of the year so far

Instead of replying to Nick’s thread with my picks, here’s my top picks accompanied with youtube videos; Since i’ve been away for 20 months, i’ve had to limit record purchases to essential releases. Below are most of those. I’m not sure when i will be converted to MP3 but it hasn’t happened yet..
San Proper – Keep It Raw (Perlon)

Another great year for Perlon, a label worth supporting with record purchasing.. This release has two very solid sounding tracks and I’ve also really enjoyed Margaret Dygas – Invisible Circles release. Unluckily …

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[ Written by: | 11 Dec 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Tracks of the year 2009

Unlike previous years I bought next to no singles this year which really has affected my ability to judge the tracks of the year. This year my methods of music consumption were basically either through mixes on my ipod, or buying whole albums (usually old albums) on vinyl for home consumption.
Despite all this a few things managed to slip through and become firm favourites so lets take a look at a couple of them. I’m hoping to look at about 10 or so that really made a strong …

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[ Written by: | 3 Dec 2009 | 18 Comments | ]
All time top 5 house sets

Well not really the all time top 5 – because that would be far too hard to decide. While listening to Dixon’s Body Language 4 for the umpteenth time I started thinking about those go-to sets that you seem to thrash but yet still give you that great sense of comfort and enjoyment years (or hundreds of listens) later.
For me, without doing it consciously, I keep finding I go back to :

Joris Voorn – Resident Advisor Podcast #62
Dixon – Body Language 4
Dennis Ferrer – Essential Mix 27-09-2008
Jackmate – mnml ssgs …