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[ Written by: | 29 Sep 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Musical memories, with you for life – Body & Soul

I had an awesome dream last night. On waking up I realised it wasn’t so much a dream, it was me reliving a memory: seeing Body & Soul playing outdoors in Tokyo a few months back. It was a pretty special day, my last in Japan before heading off to Mongolia & Russia for a bit, and getting my first real chance to see some proper house in a long time.
It was an outdoor event under big tents which came in handy with theĀ torrentialĀ rain that didn’t let up, but most …

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[ Written by: | 14 Sep 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Music I like!

Lazy youtubery post sorry!
Some musical enthusiasms of recent times:
This summer has been the summer of Dam Funk!

Untold brings yet another piece of awesome:

Beautiful work as usual from wax (who apparently has now pretty much been revealed to be shed):

Listening to James Blake really loud is a necessary pleasure but I think it made me hurt my neck:

Joy Orbison, best name twisting since Jichael Mackson, and some great music too!:

Lil Silva – ‘Different’ – its heavy!:

Michel Cleis – ‘Dark Glasses’ – lots of drums happening:

I’m pretty much consistently excited about music …

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[ Written by: | 4 Sep 2009 | 5 Comments | ]
RIP – Scooter

Scooter, the tiny dog wonder, has died.
At six-months-old, the Maltese pup was claimed to be the smallest dog in the world. He was going to try for the official world record when he turned one.
But he never got the chance.
He broke his leg jumping out of the hands of a minder earlier this week. His tiny leg was put in a cast but the medication he was given for it caused stomach ulcers and he did not survive.
But it was not for want of trying. The vets caring for Scooter …

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[ Written by: | 1 Sep 2009 | One Comment | ]

I recently rediscovered this wee gem from me yoof, Bob willl argue that he did much betterer stuff but i still wanna jump about to this sucker.
Also note the extremely weird, out of place sample that totally rulz in the middle of the track.