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[ Written by: | 13 Oct 2008 | One Comment | ]
Rocksteady star Ellis dies at 70

Reggae star Alton Ellis, known as “the Godfather of rocksteady”, has died at the age of 70.
The Jamaican-born singer, who moved to Britain in the 1970s, achieved fame with a number of hits, including I’m Still in Love and I’m Just a Guy.
He was a leading pioneer of the more laid-back “rocksteady” sound, which came out of Jamaica in the 1960s.
Ellis was still performing until August this year, when he collapsed after a concert in central London.
His manager and agent Trish De Rosa described him as “my guiding star and …

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[ Written by: | 11 Oct 2008 | 2 Comments | ]
750,000 lost jobs? The dodgy digits behind the war on piracy

By Julian Sanchez | Published: October 07, 2008 – 11:30PM CT  from Ars Technica
A 20-year game of Telephone
If you pay any attention to the endless debates over intellectual property policy in the United States, you’ll hear two numbers invoked over and over again, like the stuttering chorus of some Philip Glass opera: 750,000 and $200 to $250 billion. The first is the number of U.S. jobs supposedly lost to intellectual property theft; the second is the annual dollar cost of IP infringement to the U.S. economy. These statistics are brandished …

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[ Written by: | 9 Oct 2008 | 5 Comments | ]
Happy birthday

A quick post to say happy birthday to my sister Pip!
I am lucky enough to have a sister who loves good and interesting music. To celebrate here is Cecil Taylor!

Tomorrow I’m at supperclub again for the second week in a row, more house, techno and dubstep to warm up the evening.

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[ Written by: | 6 Oct 2008 | 5 Comments | ]
Random House Happenings

First, some sad news… Frankie Knuckles has had his foot amputated after osteomialitis developed from breaking his foot 10 years ago.  Rumours of his leg being amputated spread quickly, but there is a full reply from Mr Knuckles posted here.
From one house legend to another – Tony Humphries has mixed the latest MOS compilation entitled “Moments In House” which is full of classic 90s house and garage including work from Sagat, Todd Terry, MAW, X-Press 2, Romanthony etc…
And lastly, following on from their awesome Fabric mix cd, Ame have a …