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Scooter did this to me first, then it happened to every other BMPer.
If this doesn’t make you in the very least smile, i throw shade at you!

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My pick for my mix of the week is the Kenny Dope one referenced (and linked to) in my song of the week post, its below this one of you can navigate your way there. So there is no real need to put up a link to another mix is there?
So to keep my post rate (and goal) up I’m going to talk about one of the first things I’d grab on a Monday morning at work, where I do most of my music listening. The Radio Hauraki show In It …

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After Laneways yesterday I’m feeling a tad flat at my desk this morning… so to pick myself up I grab the RinseFM latest podcast from Kenny Dope and it was playing away harmlessly then this song grabbed my by the throat and screamed BOB THIS IS AWESOME in my face.
So I found it and here I have it as my pick for the week.

Riva Starr has been making house productions since 2009, but many learned of the London producer for the first time in 2013 when he collaborated with Fatboy Slim on the …

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This rave tape archive, collected by London’s Stamina MC, has everything you need to hyper-agitate those early ’90s rave and jungle urges.
Dive into more than 100 archived mixes and let that sweet cassette nostalgia take you away.
Go grab the AWOL ones… thats it ya summer sorted


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In the summer of 2015, when announcing the upcoming release of the much awaited remastered version of their “No Comment” album due to arrive in spring 2016, FRONT 242 not only offered the unreleased RADICALG remix of “Take One” for free to their fans ( alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/lovely-day-remastered-take-one-radicalg-mix ), but also opened a remix competition for the same classic song as well.
Overwhelmed by the success of the competition and the several hundreds of remixes that got sent to Alfa Matrix, it took us much more time than initially expected to get all of these …

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So last year due to the combination of encroaching age, being busy with study and work, and general laziness, chilling out on the couch watching some tv became a prime source of entertainment for me. Luckily this coincided with ‘peak tv’ – the result of streaming services, cable and your traditional US channels all fighting it out for new content. The downside is there is a ridiculous amount of shows, an impossible amount to take in. The second season of True Detective was eminently skippable so that …

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i found this after xmas.

its my new fave song ever in the world

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deep house

Tastemaker, Educator, Sound Designer, and Motor City Proponet Mike Huckaby lays down some deep house goodness this week and while I won’t say its a blinder – cause deep house don’t work like that… its a fab mix of lushness
Now why am I sweating in my office when I should be sitting outside at home chilling out with this?
oh yeah that work to live lifestyle we embrace so


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As I battle my back at work blues and groan at the state of (some of) our media (fuck you NZ Herald) and more generally nation I think back to earlier times when I had the same growing anger at the health of our society. So little has changed for the better over my lifetime and this is cause for great concern and rising depression. And as ever I drew me back to one of my fave songs as these things do

I found this version too, I don’t like it but hey its here …

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I’ve been building the playlist of all playlists for work to save me from having to put up with commercial radio 9 hours a day. I have to be pretty lenient in what gets played with a work mate who would sooner listen to Flava than anything else, which rules out podcasts while he’s here.
It’s been incredible some tracks that I’ve rediscovered that just get no airtime anywhere after just a few years. The playlist is sitting at 14 hours which is kind of perfect because nothing gets played twice …

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1976:  David Bowie poses for an RCA publicity shot in 1976. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)