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I found out about this guy off Faith Fanzines message board some years ago, which is apt as they would describe things as `being HOUSE’ or not.
This is the very definition of the idea
if you have ever djed at a club this is exactly what you dream of.
Thanks to Mick for the hook up

the tune is this, my kids fave song in world ever this week

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so its another sorta group pick but if you have isssue with that you pick just one song from
I’m going with
Shades of Jae

BUT i truly love dozens of songs by Kenny Dixon jr
like J.A.N.

or the Live in LA version, i had a musical moment upstairs at Inmusic with Bob and Mark Nola when they played the test cd for me up there.
or tribute

But anyway, back to Shades of Jae.
this track is just divine, it doesn’t give you everything, it demands you to pay attention, the kick drum comes and goes …

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And now for something completely different, dance music as it was meant to be…

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This song reminds me of when I used to live in the Italian countryside right after I graduated from primary school, sixteenth from the top in my class of eighteen (fuck yeah).
I didn’t have a penny to my name, kinda ironic given my name isn’t penny… and i was living in a tiny little room above a jazz cafe where I would work for my rent by banging on the floor and yelling for them jazzbo’s to shut the fuck up!
I had not a care in the world just living …

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If I cared for such things anymore I would reckon that the Omar-S album The Best would be a likely contender of my best of list for 2016… but I don’t care about best of lists anymore, or lists full stop, cause I’m old and cranky and can’t remember much so lists are only of use if they are on paper and have insightful things such as “this is bob”, “he lives at 666 havelock lane”, “he’s a badass”… the sort of thing you can present to strangers in case …

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One of my fave local records… and also I think my most warped 12″ has just won big

IMNZ is proud to announce the second award to be presented at this years Taite Music Prize 2016 event. The ceremony is to include the ‘Independent Music NZ Classic Record’, which aims to acknowledge Aotearoa’s rich history of making fine records that continue to inspire us and define who we are.
The panel to determine the recipient of this new award was made up of a broad section of music media/industry specialists, who have given …

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I once went to a Japanese film festival hosted at Charlie Greys in Auckland to see the documentary this week’s song choice comes from. We’d attended a one day international at Eden Park during the day. Greatbatch took a awesome catch, Hadlee was incredible… and it featured a huge Island gent with pierced nipples seated by us on the terraces who took to yelling at the bowlers a lot, he silenced the stadium… it was also a time when Mexican waves and can barrages were the norm, thus we all got …

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Nice laid-back and groovy set proper live set from Giorgia. Me like
Born in Puglia, also known as the heel of Italy´s boot, Giorgia is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. She is part of the project We love on Bpitch Control Records and she has been resident performer at Tenax Club 1.0 in Florence for 2 years. After a classical music education Giorgia developed in a short time a deep interest in the electronic music and she started experimenting new live techniques. From the very first project Metùo she aimed to create a …

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I had a dream…

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Sometimes music you already own gets re-pressed to vinyl and it blows because it’s nice knowing you’re one of how ever many people to own a great record. Waiting for these represses are the arse hats who buy up and resell on discogs for inflated prices – last weeks Pepe Bradock repress of Burning as an example.
Then stuff gets re-pressed that you really, really want but don’t own and it’s amazing!
The LP Torus by Vril recently got a repress – I was happy!
This track is so ace

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Its hard not to instantly fall in love with a song thats main/only lyric is “here comes the drones”… its even harder for me personally given I know the folk in the band and have done for many years.
Sounding like a cross between Bailter Space and HDU Avoid Avoid and not a band to avoid avoid.