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August 2016 Heatwave edition of Frequency Sequence from Lelo is a cracker, naturally.
So get up off your butt and dance to the music you hear…

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Following on from Bob’s post about the Margins label release a few months back, it really is amazing seeing how enthusiastic under 25’s from all over the country are about House and Techno. It’s so refreshing seeing life being injected into the New Zealand scene.
Really stoked for all these Kiwi Producers releasing on international labels and getting pressed to vinyl just proves their achievements in a pretty short space of time. Looking forward to watching them all get even better over the next few years.
Sweet little feature on those pushing …

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Some old Paul Johnson business… can I get a hallelujah?
Help me
Help me
Help me
Help me
Help me
Help me

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I had quite the musical weekend thanks to work and managed to see far too many bands.. really enjoyed the Others Way it was choice!
A couple of acts that took my eye and ears – both of whom I’d not really like their pre-recorded efforts I’d checked out, as in I think they’re best experienced live… possibly with a few cold ones under ya belt


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Been a bit quiet on the sounds of the summer here – but the flow of music just doesn’t stop. After quite a bit of back and forthing a stack of vinyl was ordered, assembled and gratefully received at casa del benny.
A highlight of the order is the (slightly) mysterious “Thoughtstream” – by Dices and AEM Rhythm Cascade. The first release on new Scottish label “12th Isle”, the contents are an eclectic mix of hazy ambient, warm synths, and some more beat focused work. Bit …

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This old banger crossed my path today… an old new beat “classic”.
Baby Wants to Ride by B-Art is a cover of Jamie Principle’s Baby Wants to Ride… it was in turn sampled on Push to Enter by Jerome Sydenham… does this close some circle of sampledom? Or is there somewhere out there another producer about to sample Jerome Sydenham’s version and so on until the end of time?



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August 2016 Heatwave edition of Frequency Sequence from Lelo is a cracker, naturally.
So get up off your butt and dance to the music you hear…

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Keep on chasing rabbits Baz… you little beauty!

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While I waited for bread to bake the other night I decided to kill time and watch a movie I’d had sitting waiting for such a time I had quiet… Now I’m a big fan of watching movies and will watch just about anything… my four fave movie categories are (in order of preference), Science Fiction, War, Zombie, Utter Shite. I spend hours hunting for movies of the first three categories that I’ve not watched… and am overwhelmed by movies from the fourth.
A few years back I was obsessed with Finnish …

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Last week a random remix popped up on my iTunes which I’d not listened to since I added it eons ago… as can sometimes happen I took time out of my busy schedule (yeah right) and went off in search of the editor looking for some newer gems to add to my library and ears… which lead me to grab some mixes, and this week’s mix of the week features one such beast…a really nice passing time by with pleasant sounds type affair – i.e. perfect for the office or …

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The new thing in the home recording studio of Travis is bad remixes… something he amuses himself and his friends with. I’m not sure of the context of the original – probably game related as that is his obsession… and definitely silly… but I do like his progression with drum programming – he really has a knack and ear for it, me jealous… yep!
This makes for a pallet cleansing change from the local singles I waded through earlier in the week as I picked my choices for the music awards later …